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Can't carry on with diet due to total lack of energy!

:sigh:Hi everyone,

Posted a message last week regarding my complete and utter lack of energy. I've reached the point where I just can't physically carry on. I've been on the diet for 130 days, but have reached the point where I'm just not getting the energy I need to function from the shakes.

From today am trying making them up with 200ml of skimmed milk and am REALLY REALLY hoping that this gives me some energy as I've not reached target and don't want to have to start RTM until I'm ready.

Has anyone else tried the shakes with milk other than on low calorie week?:sigh:
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Sorry but I've no words of wisdom to help you with this Lizzie as I've never hit this stage - it might be worth having a good chat with your LLC and see what he/she can suggest for you.

Hope you get something sorted :)


Back to the grindstone!!
Hiya Lizzielucy,
I did over 200 days and can't say I got to that stage. Sorry. I seemed to have more energy to be honest but I would contact your LLC and see what they can offer in the way of advice. If you can, don't give up. They say the first time you do this is the "golden time" and if you come back to it it will be an awful lot harder. Have you changed exercise plans or your routine that it seems to have hit you? You should be getting plenty from the shakes to keep you going unless you are doing a lot of exercise but then you would expect to just lose more weight??? I assume that your blood pressure checks are ok as well, could be something going on with your health perhaps?
You must have done well weight wise having been on it for 130 days so don't do anything too rash, just think how you will feel in a few months looking back. How will you feel?
I never did the milk weeks at all. Didn't seem much point as far as I was concerned and my health is better than it's ever been.
Hope you sort things out and let us know how you get on.
Take care.
I have done LL for 8 months now and not felt that way at all. I have never done milk week so not sure how that will affect you. I agree with scotwannabethin that you should call your counsellor. It may be that you need to take an extra vitamin suppliment, i have to take extra Iron as i get anaemic quickly, you may be someone who needs a bit more than the packs provide
Don't know about the VLCD side of things but I do wonder if you've had your thyroid checked? I was feeling much as you describe, not even dieting at the time and when I saw my GP i had a blood test and it showed that it was my thyroid. I've since had to have it inceased several times and I can really tell when there is a prob with it.

Just a thought. Hope you feel much better very soon.
I agree - about 4 years ago I struggled to get through the day - my gynae had my thyroid tested and i was hypothyroid and now take thyroxine every day. Its a simple blood test that looks at the level of TSH in your blood (thyroid stimulating hormone). Not all Drs will do the full set of thyroid function blood tests.

if my thyroid levels drop i get exhausted, i know when it happens - then i have my medication reviewed after a blood test.

Otherwise you could be low in iron if you have any gynae issues, or your iron stores may just be low from before you started your diet if it was not a balanced one before.

If you are very concerned go and see your gp - but you have done so well so far that you should not panic.

Good Luck xx

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