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Journey from 16 stone 9lbs to 10 stone! LETS DO THIS!


Week 1- Day 2 morning.

:eek:So yesterday was my first day on exante and I really underestimated how hard this diet is!
Sitting in a car with the smell of your families McDonalds and your partner cooking chocolate churros really should be classed as a form of torture 😂 but I'm so pleased I stayed strong. The children are on half term at the moment so I'm constantly surrounded by snacks and it wasn't easy. And I'm not ashamed to say I might have had a little cry last night wondering how I let myself get to this point!

But to the positives- I have woken up feeling amazing and like I can conquer the world. I usually wake up feeling nauseous and very bloated but I jumped out of bed this morning with so much energy and positivity. I wasn't expecting to feel better so quickly but its put me in a new frame of mind- I KNOW I can do this now!
I felt so great that I had to step on the scales. I promised myself I wouldn't as I am a serial weigher, usually multiple times a day. But I've lost 2.5lbs in ONE DAY! I couldn't be happier, but now my partner is hiding the scales until Wednesday so I can have a nice surprise.

I did have a few tiny little extras yesterday (a few crisps or a spoonful of the girls cereal here and there) so have decided its probably best for me to have 4 shakes a day instead of 3 and a 200 calorie meal. Knowing I can't have any apart food apart from the packets is the best way to keep me on track.

So heres to a very positive second day!
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Dolly Rocker

Gold Member
Welcome to minimins and good luck on your Exante journey.

I've restarted this month and it's not the easiest thing in the world to do but it works for me to just come off food completely, once I get to a healthy weight I will reintroduce food and maybe go back to WW.

Need to change bad habits that have formed over a lifetime.

So glad you woke up with a spring in your step this morning, bet you feel great!



Thank you so much for your reply :) and good luck to you too with your restart!
I completely agree its not easy, every sort of socialising revolves around food doesn't it? So I feel like this could be quite a lonely journey.

Hope you're doing well and feeling positive!xxx


Week 1- Day 3 afternoon.

Still staying strong and really enjoying it at the moment. I'm quite surprised at just how unhungry I feel, I was expecting to feel sick with hunger and a gurgling tummy but you just seem to get used to feeling and don't feel hungry at all? Its very strange. I had bar today which was lovely- it felt nice to feel like I was actually eating something.

Today has been my biggest test yet as I took my girls to an ice-cream parlour and then they had lunch in Greggs, I wasn't even tempted! What's happened to the girl who would eat everything in sight and couldn't resist any sort of food😂. My mum also came with us and we usually go out for dinner or grab a McDonalds. She mentioned about going to McDonalds on the way home because she wanted one- and I said NO! which is such a big thing for me so I'm feeling very proud.

The hardest thing is trying to not weigh myself. I'm failing big time at that- but I think it is actually spurring me on and keeping on track. I nearly cried this morning when I got on the scales and saw id lost nearly 5lbs in just 2 days. I'm so excited to see how much I've lost when I have my official weigh in on Wednesday!xxx


Week 1- Day 5 morning.

Morning! This is the start of day 5 for me and for the first time I do not feel motivated what so ever! The scales haven’t moved for the last 2 says and I’m still stuck at a 5lb loss since day 2, which I know is amazing but I was hoping to see the scales go in the last two days. I set myself a little goal loss for week 1 and it seems too far out of my reach now but I’m going to pull my big girl pants up and just get on with it, I’d kick myself if I gave up already :confused:

I’ve had a cup of tea to perk myself up and set out my products for the day:
Breakfast- porridge pot
Lunch- mango and passionfruit smoothie
Dinner- sweet and sour noodles (these are my absolute favourite)
Snack- 2 boiled eggs

3 days until week 1 weigh in- I can do this!!!
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Dolly Rocker

Gold Member
It's so hard when you seem stuck on the scales but keep at it.

It will come off.

Well done for resisting all the temptations this weekend, that is huge!!



Week 1- Day 6 morning.

I crumbled yesterday! I had good intentions but sometimes life gets in the way and you have to live, right?
My mum invited us all around for a roast dinner before the fireworks. I didn't have any potatoes and kept my portion size right down compared to normal so its motivating to know I'm already making positive changes with food. I also had a small hotdog after fireworks, Its a little tradition me and my girls do every time we watch the fireworks and I just didn't want to miss out on that so I don't feel bad. But I will be trying to make up for it today by just having the 3 shakes and not the 200 calorie meal.

I expected to wake up and have put on a little weight after eating but I was soooo pleased to see it had actually gone down half a pound. I have 2 days until my first week weigh in and I've lost 5.5 lbs so far. I know it could have been so much more but I'm quite happy doing it this way, if eating a little treat here and there stops me going completely off the rails but I lose a little slower then so be it, its all about finding out what works for us, isn't it? :)

Fingers crossed for a half a stone loss by Wednesday!🤞💜


Week 2- Day 1 morning.

So today is weigh in day but I had an absolutely rubbish day yesterday and have completely sabotaged myself. I woke up feeling great and had an exante porridge pot but I just couldn’t shake the hunger so I had a 2 egg and ham omelette thinking that would be my 200 calorie meal for the day, but then the picking starting. I had a packet of crisps, chocolate, lasagne for dinner and then ate loads of Vimto bonbons after 😭

But today is a new week. And my aim is to have 7 days completely on plan with not one bit of non exante food passing my lips 🙏

So my weigh in:
I’ve lost 5.5 lbs! It’s not bad considering what I ate last night and on Sunday I had a small roast and a hot dog so I am happy! But I know most people my weight lose around 10lbs so it’s slightly gutting to know I could have doubled my results if I had just stuck to 😥

Goal for week 2 is: 7lbs 🧡