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Can't cook. Tips?


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What I would do is buy a recipe book. So for example if your doing low carb then buy a book with meal ideas like that. There are tons of slimming world books like that also.
The only problem with following recipe books is it can become costly, but you will find that you will become a better cook and can substitute things or make up your own meals. Use cookery books as a starting point. You can buy them from charity shops for a cheap price.
Good luck, cooking is easier than you think! x
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Now I think of it I do have a student cookbook somewhere in my spare room (so much stuff I can't even move in there!). I assume it will have easy and cheap recipes in there. I have never even really looked in there, I got it for Chrismas a few years ago and just put it in a box. I will take a look, thanks :)
Stick to salads . Easy not expensive and you can add any type of meat, fish or eggs etc to make it different. And it's an incredible way to detox your body from all the fat and carbs it's storing :) !

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Had another thought! How about search for healthy family meals for a fiver. You can then batch cook and freeze the rest for something quick in an evening. You should get about four meals for 5 quid then.
Slow cookers are really good also. can cook whatever in them, lovely stews,soups and casseroles.you can buy the cheapest cuts of meat because the slow cooker make them so tender, throw in some veg and a stock cube and you'll have about 3-4 potions to freeze for other days!
Also if you batch cook it means less time cooking plus it does work out cheaper!


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Trust me, before I start SW just over a week ago, my idea of cooking was a jar of pasta sauce poured over pasta. That or picking up the phone.

I've dared to try though and you'll be surprised at how you are a better cook than you think you are when you have no choice but to make meals at home.

Look up some simple to follow recipes as already suggested, and to keep it fun...experiment!

Tonight when I made a salad I decided to have a go at making my own syn-less dressing, never having done so before...and I loved it.

There is also the increased satisfaction when you sit down to eat a meal, knowing you've just stood there and made it yourself.

There'll be loads of healthy recipes floating around on this forum. I did the SW mash potato pizza for lunch today and I've been given one for a veggie chilli, too. :) x
S: 12st0lb C: 10st5lb G: 8st0lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 1st9lb(13.69%)
I actually have a slow cooker, and a bread maker. I have just never had the guts to use them! Same with the hob on my cooker. I'm used to gas ones but when I moved into my new place 9 months ago I had to buy an electric cooker. I have never used the hob on an electric cooker. But I have to cook some pasta on there today (My mother gave me 5 batches of bolognese) wish me luck!

I love the idea of cooking allot and then freezing it, I do the work one day but on all the others I can just go back what I'm used to and heat it up! I will check out the recipes here too. Thanks guys :)
No worries just remember some of the tastiest things take the shortest time to make. Omelette , tuna pasta ( wholemeal pasta though) lol. Honestly you can throw anything together add some seasoning and you will surprise yourself. Happy cooking ! X

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