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cant do this anymore :(


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Well I have been struggling and gaining weight rapidly since about feb now and I keep trying to claw my way back to atkins but clearly it is not working for me anymore :( I am finding it stressful and getting more and more depressed about my expanding waistline and seriously need to find something I can get along with. At the moment I am a student on summer holidays and struggling to find work so I am LOW on funds and also I started a new relationship which means I am now splitting my time between 2 places making it even more difficult.

I desperately need to get my mojo back before I end up back at 20 stone

Good luck to all of you xxx
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Aw no, sorry to hear that you're finding it so hard Jools. And yeah, Atkins isn't always easy when you're on a tight budget - I totally understand that!

Maybe your are also putting too much pressure on yourself - although it's easier to say than do, don't worry too much about the scales reading at the moment, and concentrate more on eating the way that you want.

If you continue with Atkins, just try and take one day at a time. I find it very useful to try and plan ahead a bit as well - that way, you're not caught off guard and don't end up eating carbs just because you're starving and there's nothing else. Also, if you plan and maybe get slightly more creative with your meals (there's loads of great recipes and links to sites on here) it should be easier to control the budget side of things - for example, using cheap cuts of meat, bulk buying and freezing food, and buying more seasonal produce.

If you are finding this such a struggle, you could also consider switching to a different diet which might suit you better? I personally love this way of eating - even though I've only been doing it for a few weeks and have struggled at times (esp as my progress feels very slow), I have felt so much less deprived than on previous diets.

Well, good luck with whatever you decide! I am sure you will get there in the end, it sometimes just takes more time than you'd like but if you want something then you can achieve it.


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Good advice Emm :)


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I have decided to do slim fast, I like having shakes to help me with portion control and it also means I can use el cheapo ready meals for a bit! Just take the head work out of it!

I am going to try and stop this constant battle I have in my head setting unrealistic goals. I feel like the way I am going I am heading for trouble, absolutely obsessed with food and calories and carbs and weight. I have also decided to not weigh every week but once a month and the scales have been chucked out.

I will check back and forth to see how you are all getting on though :)


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S: 21st9lb C: 15st7.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 37.3 Loss: 6st1.5lb(28.22%)
Lots of luck jools :)
I know how you feel. I decided to take one day off the plan back in April when I had lost 99 pounds and since then it has been one long binge and a massive gain. I can't get a grip either at the moment. It's made worse by people saying 'you looked so close to looking a normal size' :(

Best of luck to you!


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all the best jools, you can do it hun!

another side to this is the new relationship bit, (very pleased for you!) but at the start, when its all meals out, cosy nights in etc, eating together is all part of cementing a relationship, and dieting is hard at this time.
we'll be here if you need us! x
our arms will welcome you back when you need to ...... but for now good luck hun x

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