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Can't get back into ss


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I wish i had never had a night off last friday because i've eaten something every single day since..........all of it bad. I'm dreading weigh in on friday because it's obvious i've put on weight and although my cdc is really nice i'll feel so ashamed. I'm going to try really hard today but it's too little too late really isn't it?

I think it was my accident that really put me off track. Because i couldn't exercise still can't, i only had a small loss in week 2. So i basically got depressed and thought whats the point. Just thinking of what i could have lost if i had stuck to it :cry:

Roz x
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The Diet Guy
Come on Roz!! Look on the positive side, you have lost a quarter of your weight already and hence only a little bit to go.

I recommend that you move on 790 for at least this week (page 8 in your weight care book) as that means you aren't doing SS anymore and have a little evening meal BUT you still lose weight quickly and safely. Give your CDC a ring and explain what has happened, you won't be the first person to eat on the diet and your CDC is there to support you in losing weight, however bumpy that journey may be!!

Don't beat yourself up though as that always leads to problems on the diet, so time to change the diet slightly, put a smile back on your face as this diet is so much easier with a positive outlook on it.

Go for it!

hugs sometimes we're our own worst enemys

but you can and will get back on track but it won't be easy and will take will power and determination which i can see from your weight loss you have oodles of :)

before you put anything in your mouth, stop and look at it, think about the weight you want to lose and what eating it will do to
and tell yourself that your not going to give up what you want for what you want now!!

good luck
sam xx


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We are all here to help you get back on track hun. Do as Mike suggests and speak to your cdc and try a different plan. Hope you get sorted soon hun , it is so hard after a slip up.


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I think i will have a break from it til friday when i see my cdc and then i can start the week afresh without beating myself up. Thanks for your support.

Roz x


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Hi Rolo

Think positive, you are still 14lbs lighter than you were and that's wonderful :)

Good luck getting back into SS, or 790 or whatever you choose, you can do it, you already did :)

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