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Can't get pack down - what to do?

if it were me, I would just chuck it and make one I liked, there are a few that really make me retch and I know I couldnt get them down so I wouldnt force it!
I did end up chucking it but am at work so can't have another one until after 6pm when I get home.
Oh well lesson learnt!
it's so hard that the difficult first week coincides with finding out which flavours you like. I remember eating a maple and pecan porridge and heaving after every mouthful. :(
If you havent already tried, blend them with ice! It completely changes the taste.
But I hate the chocolate orange too! After week 2 i had narrowed it down to the 5 or 6 packs i like! xx


I lurve lurve lurve bars

Have tried the choc orange shake for the first time and hate it - it's making me feel so sick and I can't get it down without heaving!

Now its made up it there anything I can do with it? Don't want to miss out on the nutrients :confused:

Not surprised it is the most disgusting thing i have ever tasted:jelous: xx
If I have a pack I don't like I pinch my nose at the bridge and neck it.

Usually does the trick!
All I have is choc tetra and peanut bar

Me too, me too! - PGD :D And to be honest I'm happy with it, at least I know I'm going to enjoy it. I do ocassionaly make a muffin out of a choc shake but other than that its choc tetra and peanut bars all the way x
All I have is choc mint shakes, choc mint bars and choc tetra. I'm a chocolate fiend!! I agree about the choc orange, was so looking forward to it but BLEUGH!! Never again!

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