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Cant stop eating!

I was just going to post the same thing! I'm busy ploughing away at an assignment - it's about a topic I'm very passionate about so I should be really into it, but all I can think about is eating! I purposely had a really big breakfast to keep me going but I've eaten lots of fruit, a mullerlight and now resorting to drinks instead in case it's thirst and not hunger. I've not had 'hungry days' like this for a long time, as my appetite has decreased naturally whilst being on SW and losing weight.

I think as long as you're reaching for free foods to snack on, particularly superfree, you're making sensible snack choices. Grapes and strawberries are better than grazing on lots of chocolate and crisps - this is what I used to do when snacking pre-SW!


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I've always said I'm a grazer so I nibble on fruit throughout the day at work (I try to make sure I don't eat just for the sake of it, only when I'm hungry). But-if you're hungry there's nothing wrong with eating all of that, its all superfree so I bet if you carry on you'll have a fab loss! :) x


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It's not a problem at all, as the others said, it's superfree! Just make sure you are hungry though and not thirsty...
That said, the only thing which will suffer is your wallet - must be costing you a fortune!! I can't wait until summer when I'll have strawbs, rasps and blueberries in the garden!!

Keep on eating the good stuff girl!


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i have been sooooooooooo hungry the past week, my appetite had reduced with SW but it's back this week! i was having a mini meltdown earlier but i found an alpan light in my bag (2nd today, to make my heb) and that satisfied my cravings thankfully!

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