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Cant thank you all enough - hasanyone had/got obsession like me?? lol

Cant thank you all enough - has anyone had the obsession like me??lol
thanks to everyone giving me encouraging comments its really helpful. Well I went to the introduction meeting and it was inspiring the only thing is the actually group doesn't start until May the 6th which I know is only a couple of weeks away but i would like to get started right away!!!
One thing I am worried about and I dont know if any of you guys have been through the same ... I seem to have got myself into the habbit of food food food, Its like an obsession with me.. I wake up in the morning and think of food... infact my life seems to revolve around food!!! I am always very consious of it and almost make myself eat it when I know that I shouldn't be doing it!!! I'm hoping that its just about my mood and how I feel about myself at the moment which makes me self sabotage and eat eat eat!!!! Has anyone else felt like this and overcome it with the CBT and groups, does it get better when you start loosing weight as you realize that you can actually do it!!!! THANKS ONCE AGAIN - LORRAINE
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Lorraine in my experiance once you get into ketosis (around 4 days) your hunger dissapears this is what makes this diet work. I too have issues with food that I still struggle with as I look after a family and just about to cook my 3rd meal of the day for them (phew no wonder I'm knackered) But it works because your not hungry, I am sure you'll be great at doing this and the rewards far out way the negatives (emotional hunger) which you will learn about at your meetings and ways to overcome this. Its great to be with ladys who have the same issues as we all do with food and finding ways to control it. Good luck with your journey, I wish you well.
Hi Blenheim.

Use these coming two weeks wisely, and it will set you in good stead for the start of the diet. If you start cutting back on Carbs now, you will have little to no headache - it can make a huge difference in how you feel when you go into ketosis, as you won't be having quite so sever carb withdrawals. For some it is most unpleasant. Because I had 8 weeks before my class started, I had plenty of time to do that, and I had little to no side effects.

You can also use that time to do some mental homework. I have said this once, I will say it a thousand times - the mental way you approach this diet can be the difference between success and failure. I firmly believe that. Start wrapping your head around the fact that you will not be having any food for some time. It sounds like you think a lot about food. I was exactly the same way. As I was eating one meal, I would be thinking about what the next meal wa going to be. If you start accepting you are going to be abstaining, and that you are CHOOSING to do this, and that it is a mere blink of an eye - a very small sacrifice, it will help you so much to stay focused and to keep the desire to be slim burning. Picture yourself in all sorts of circumstances whrer you will not be eating conventional food. Work. Nights out. Family. Events, etc. Really see yourself doing that, and beinig able to.

Get yourself organised. I cleared out a whole cupboard of all food, even though I only needed 2 shelves. That is MY safe zone. Nothing in there but LL products, tape measure, books, tea, tabasco, etc., - all the things we can have. It sounds silly - but I love my little cupbaord. When I come back from group and stock it - I love the way it looks. All healthy, clutter free, ,etc - I just love it. hehe

I feel by my having time to do these things has been the difference, for m, between success and failure. What I was so frightened of has turned out actually to be one of the easiest things I have ever done in my life. And that's over 100 days in. I feel as committed and inspired today as I did on the first day. It's changed my life.

So. I wish you loads of success!! You will change the habits you have that you don't like, and I think a fair share of the addiction to food is just that: a habit. Of course they have many times been fueled by emotions - I sort of see now, that for me anyway - it is more of a habit then anything, and I sometimes wonder if I used my emotional baggage as an excuse? Might have to write more about this on my diary.

Well, I have waffled on long enough. Have a good two weeks getting ready for the start of your new life!! :D

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