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cant win!!!!

Dont know if anyone else has this problem but when I was over weight my mum and sister were shocked at how much weight I'd put on. I was told by friends that other people had commented too. But now I ve lost 2 and a half stone, need to loose another half a stone or just over if I am lucky and today 4 people have said 'how my word, you ve lost weight, dont loose anymore or you'll look haggered' 2 people said 'were have your boobs gone' (Ive gone from a 36 D to a 34 C) and another said 'dont forget love, men like curves'
People are never happy, I am either too fat or too thin!!!!! I am hoping to fit into a size 12 when I loose another half a stone, I can get into it now but just cant breath ha ha ha!!! But size 12 is not too skinny by anymeans!!!!!! aaarrrrhhhhh:mad:
Does anyone else have this problem?
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I will be skinny again!!!
People just like to comment and put you down to make themselves feel better.

But yeah everyone was telling me to stop when I had only lost a stone
Stick with what you want hon. I think this is peoples way of saying (without realising) that they are worried you'll "change as a person" which will then change how you relate to them and what "mental box" they have put you in in relation to them. And of course you'll change cos your self-esteem will be higher and that will have a ripple effect on all your relationships ... and it will change some .. some for the better.. some you'll realise you don't want to maintain anymore.

But the important thing is this is about them and their issues not you! As long as you are aiming for a healthy BMI then you aim for whatever "look" you want.

Keep up the good work!


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I think people just like to comment. It's like when you start seeing someone, they ask when are you getting engaged. When engaged, it's when are you getting married. When you're married, it's when are you having kids. Failing that they talk about the weather !

As the poster above says - it's when you're happy and in a healthy BMI.
Good point Cruiks.. i think i can be a bit too cynical about motive sometimes Lol
Ive had exactly the same today i went to get my haircut get it done every 6 weeks so i havent seen my hairdresser since i started LT and she said OMG how much weight have you lost your not ill are you you dont want to lose anymore you'll go to thin! what a load of rubbish im still in the overweight range!do what i do and just ignore em theyre not you they dont know how you feel! secretly i bet theyd like to lose weight to and havent got the willpower to do anything about it!
deb x

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