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Captains log 12/05/09


Has ribs somewhere!!
Hee hee ok so I started Slim Fast yesterday... I just need to lose 1st 7lb of baby weight to start with and then possibly another stone after that to be an ideal weight for my height etc etc...

I weighed in this morning (as forgot yesterday) at 11st 10lb....

Although I'm fully committed to this I know I'm still gonna need some chatting buddies to get me thru my craving/ nit picking moments. So be prepared everyone! ;)
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This site is great for helping through those weaker moments! I know i'd have given up by now if it wasn't for everyone here! Good luck, and we're all here for each other ;) x


Has ribs somewhere!!
Thanks THH, jus looking at your achievement is inspiring me! :whacky068: Lol...these lil smilies are cool!


Has ribs somewhere!!
It would be cool if we could be buddies... I've never really had anyone to keep me going before which is why wanted to try it this time... what days do you normally weigh yourself hunni?
It'll make it so much easier I think!

I've been a bit of an obsessive weigher in the past and have done it every morning. But from now on I plan to do it on a Monday and Friday... Its going to be hard, at one point I was weighing myself 3 times a day hoping for a miraculous drop!!! How about you?


Has ribs somewhere!!
Lol yep I have to stop myself from weighing every morning... my thing now is to go straight to the fridge n drink as much nice ice cold water as i can... then I know there's no point weighing myself cause of the extra water weight plus it makes up some of my daily water intake (which Im not too good at keeping up with).... its worked so far!
I usually weigh myself on a monday so if we log our progress every monday and you do yours on friday (if you want to) then if we do need some morale boosting (which Im sure we wont) then we will have each other to natter to about our thoughts.... what do you think hunni?
Sounds like a good idea Rachy, I like the idea about the water too. How much are you planning to drink a day? I'm going for 2 litres at least a day.

I have a bit of a confession... I weighed myself today!! I just couldn't help it. Good news tho.. I'm down half a pound. I'm trying your idea tomorrow tho!!

How are you getting on with the eating today? I had my first vanilla shake this morning and it was absolutely delicious!


Has ribs somewhere!!
Tee hee... I really wanted to this morning too but my water trick worked as always....

I'm not doing too good today..I've not gone off track or anything but I'm def hungry as hell and having to force myself to stay out of the kitchen... gota go in there n make baby bottles in a minute tho!! lol.

The shakes are yummy... vanilla is my fave but I only have choc at the mo cause the shop was out of everything else! :eek:

How are you feeling after going nearly the whole day?
Forgot to say I'm trying to do 1.5ltrs of water at the mo as Im not a very big drinker at all so working my way up to 2ltrs. It def made a huge diff last time I did it tho so its got to be done! Lol.
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I'm feeling ok, but I was working tonight (I work as a waitress) and when I got in I had my 100 calorie snack.. plus a taste of my dad's tea.. I'm guessing that'll be 150 calories :(

I'm hoping work will have burned that all off!

How old is your baby Rachy?


Has ribs somewhere!!
Sorry I went quiet pinkemma..... I sometimes make handmade cards for people and I had a last minute order last night so had to come off the computer lol.

Ok so I decided to weigh myself this morning but only because I was really struggling yest and because I just needed to poove to myself that its working... and guess what????!!!! I've lost 1lb!!! :D

Now I know for a fact I have lost more than that too you see my baby is 4 months old and I'm just weaning him from breast feeding to bottle and because I'm cutting out one feed at a time my body is still producing milk (and the morning feed is one that I have started missing but my body still produces it and stores it!) so you see I was actually carrying at least an extra 1lb thu that. Tee hee.

I'm feeling really good again today now and more positive than ever! :p

Oh god look how Ive waffled!! Ooops!

Ps Im sure that extra bit you had wont have made any diff at all hunni dont worry and def dont weigh yourself just in case your body has taken on some extra water and it disheartens you!


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I started slimfast on monday and already fell of on tuesday:cry:, back on yesterday and weighed myself this morning (i try so hard not to do this everyday also lol) I am down 2lbs this week, would have been more if it weren't for tues tho. So am working real hard to stick to this now tho, wanna lose 5-7lbs this week, (too optimistic?? lol)

Good luck,

MrsMe xXx


Has ribs somewhere!!
Hey MrsMe... well done for getting back on... at least you have taken a step in the right direction again and not gone on a whole bender of binging. :clap:

You have def gotta get out of the habit of weighing yourself too often trust me i spk from experience!! There is nothing worse than having a really good day and feeling pleased with yourself only to weigh yourself the nxt day to find you have gained!! The body has too much of a mind of its own.. you wil get disheartened and be tempted to quit..... as soon as you look at the scales in the morning rush to the fridge and down as much water as you can possibly handle first thing in the morning... not only does it make it pointless to weigh after just adding to your weight but you're also flushing out all the early morning nasties in your system.

Thats how I stop myself anyway.... listen to me sounding all bossy!! Lol. I'm not really I promise. :whip:


in my dreams!!!!!!
yeah girls, do try not to weigh yourself more than once a week as your body does all these wierd things and i found that if i hadn't lost rather than making me more determined i said oh **** it and started eating naughties again! i now only weigh once and in fact keep the scales round my friends where we have a fatbuster club going every week. it really does help as you're terrified to whats been going on all week that you don't stray. x
Sorry I've not replied sooner.. been soo busy revising today! Thats brilliant on the weight loss Rachy, and don't worry, I know how hard it is to have a cheeky wee weigh in! Thats really good on the milk front too, although that completely boggles my mind! Good for you getting stuck into the weight loss thing after only 4 months :)

Sparkel - Thats a good idea about taking the scales round to your friends. I might just get my mum to hide them from me again lol

MrsMe - I'm not sure, I've heard 3-5lbs is a good weight loss in the first week. TBH, 3lbs would be good for me, because in the last month I've seen the weight pile on at 2lbs a week!!


Has ribs somewhere!!
Hey pinkemma.... nice to hear you're a studyaholic... what are you studying if you dot mind me asking. (You dont have to answer if you'd rather not hunni).

I've had a really good day today tbh... still a bit hungry but nowhere near like yest and I managed to control it really well.

I had to start the dieting now cause i cant stand having love handles any longer!!! Lol.
Rachy - your baby is sooo cute! What's his name? I do psychology, im in my 2nd year. The exam is next Friday... I'm so scared I'll fail!! I had a weigh in today, I'm down one pound. I had hoped it would be more but I keep telling myself - its a step in the right direction. And I only just started on Tuesday so I need to keep thinking positive!! Think I might just stick with weighing myself once a week - I'll do it on a Monday like you so we can compare notes!! :)


Has ribs somewhere!!
Aww thank you... his name is TJ short for Tyrese Jamal.

Psychology? Oh wow if there is one subject I would have loved to have taken on that would be it!!!! Just keep up your studying and you will do great. Like you needed me to tell you that anyway.... you have already got thru one yr!!

No matter what I say Iam honestly always gonna be disappointed if I only lose 1lb a wk. But like you I have just got to keep telling myself its good and stick with it. WE CAN DO IT! Lol.

After my first baby I used to drink green tea- at least 4 cups a day, its disgusting really but I was losing 1lb a day on it. Its only a herbal drink nothing special.... a bit like an anti-oxident I guess Im wondering whether to try it again just to see....

Monday weigh in sounds good to me hunni... I find it better for me to start the week off as I mean to go on if you know what I mean.
Rachy - I've had similar effects with green tea!! Its def an acquired taste but it does work I think. I might give it a go again too! We could do that at the same time.. and compare notes on how well we're getting used to the taste of it again at the same time lol

You're right, we CAN and WILL do this! The bulge will NOT win this battle!!


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Hey everyone,

OMG!!! 1lb a day am so gonna try this, how much does it cost??

I haven't done well at all, bf was made redundant so just had beer and chinese to cheer him up a bit :(

and today had no milk in to start again today so when at my mums she had made homemade cakes and had two pieces of fruit cake and a buterfly cake:mad:

Starting off again tomorrow tho. I agree the bulge will not beat us this time!!! (i hope:sigh:)

Goodluck and keep me posted!!

MrsMe xXx

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