Car journeys


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I guess it depends what constitues a long car trip? 2hours? 5hours?

I would say, as above, to just eat as you would, but make it SW friendly! And water!

Also, try to fuel up before you set off to avoid temptation from service stations and if you need to have a wee break - don't be tempted to go to the shop!

As for ways to keep self busy, a Nintendo DS? Magazines? Puzzlers? Guess if you get a headache anything wordy won't help but just what I'd do... :D x


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I hate long car journeys too- and always find it better if I do some or all of the driving. I break down a long journey into percentages- and then at given points have a small treat or a break. Example on my last 300 mile journey I thought about it in 30 mile (10%) chunks and as each 30 miles went by I totted then up and had one hard suckable sweet which I tried to make last as long as possible untill the next 30 mile point.
If I'm the passenger I like to have a good road map of the journey with me and look at all the places and sites of interest we are passing through. I like wondering about why towns and villages are called whatever and what the people who live there might be like and what they do. I too cant read propper books when Im a passenger.

Sad and a bit weird I know, but it helps me.


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I know what you mean.... I like to day-dream too and wonder about who lives in all the places we pass. Also, I must be getting old - I'm starting to prefer talk radio to music. It keeps me distracted (in a good way!!!) I also LOVE talking books/cds (don't tell anyone) but they can be expensive......
(I do realise I sound like a real anorak)


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I have to drive from where i live to Kent once a month which is just over 100 miles (it seems like a long drive to me :))

Normally im driving so i dont really notice apart from having a boiled sweet whilst my family munch out on crisps and McDonalds!!

When im not driving i agree with Sticky - I love puzzle books or a game on my phone/ipod. The time goes really quickly and you dont really notice it. I normally buy them for my 10 year old brother and end up doing them myself - so i dnt need to think much! :D


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I usually have some sugar free polo mints with me and I suck on them or I chew sugar free gum - my DH always has a bag of 'Werthers Original' sweets with him and I have to avoid these like mad because one is just not enough of the lovely buttery sweeties!!!!

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I always make up a "car picnic bag" depending on what day Im on. Things like chicken breast cubed with seasoning, ham, fruit, Asda cheese curls, diet pop drink and bottle of water if we are travelling to visit family in Wales. My Daughter has one as well with fruit, sultanas and crisps in it so she can munch away like Mummy. Hubby doesnt eat very much during the day, so the only stops we make are wee breaks!
A few suggestions:

Put your favourite music on and SING!! You can't eat while you are singing. Well, you can, but it will get a bit messy. Singing is really good for you. If you can't sing, well who cares? Do it anyway. I always sing in the car whether I have passengers or not. If they don't want to join in they can walk!!

If you are the passenger, then map read. If you can't read a map, now is a good time to learn. You can pick up a good road atlas from the supermarket or petrol station for a few pounds, and you never know when the skill will come in useful.

Take a plastic box full of slices of apple or other fruit (apple is the least messy to eat if you are doing the driving!), or carrots, or sliced peppers.

Don't shop at motorway service stations or petrol stations. You can make an exception if they have M&S shops - you can always treat yourself to a little pot of melon cubes there!


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Thanks for all the suggestions!

I'm going to have to brave it and see what happens. It will be about 5 1/2 hour not fun, eh? I always sing in the car, badly, but singing nonetheless!!!

Hmmm...I'm guessing it'll be easier to be on a red day when I'm away, but I'm not that confident with them! Will read up tonight.

Thanks again...will let you know how I get on! Xxx