Any TFR people still here ?


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It’s been a WHILE since I did Lipotrims TFR but I’m in an unhappy head space with about 1.5 to 2 stone to shift. I can’t do this without the complete strictness of Lipotrim (even though it kills me to do it lol).

Going to start Monday and initially aiming small - committing for 2 weeks, and hoping to be able to complete another 2 weeks on top of that lol.

Would love to hear from anyone else doing this journey xxx
Starting a day behind due to migraine attack over the weekend and only ending lastnight !

I took all my ‘before’ pictures lastnight and hoping for a huge transformation at the end. I refuse to stand on the scales because I know seeing my actual weight will only defeat me and depress me so I’m managing this diet by how a specific pair of size 10 denim hot pants fit me haha.
Currently the waistband of the shorts will not go past the crease of the bottom of my bum cheeks. Aiming to at least get them to sit back on my waist.

Day one let’s go x
Day one completed fine.
I found the sachets palatable which I wasn’t expecting as I’m SURE last time (8 years ago) I was retching when first starting lol.
I had Strawberry, Vanilla and chicken soup. Chicken soup is my absolute favourite as it’s something hot at the end of the day.

Day two now and I can’t stop thinking about food, which is bizarre because normally my routine doesn’t have me eating until after 11. But from the second I woke up at 6am I’ve been craving all kinds.
Praying Ketosis will kick in quickly as I know things get easier after this point.
Day 3 today. Struggling today.
I feel nauseous, I have really loose poos and I feel genuinely ill and miserable.
I’ve not sought out food today lol but struggling to get this strawberry shake in me this morning. Hoping this passes soon.
Arty87, it does get better I assure you. I’m on week 5 now and it’s just my regular routine now. First week is difficult but then it gets so much easier.