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Carla's weigh in :)


I ♥ CD !!
well done hun almost 1/2st gone :D


Happiest Girl :D
Oops, forgot to update this!

2nd week SS+ 100% 5.5lb

3rd week (6 days) SS+ 100% 3lbs


Happiest Girl :D
Forgot again! Week 4 was 1lb, SS+ 100% waaaah! :(


Happiest Girl :D
Just wanted to finish my thread off!

Week 9 810 1lb
Week 10 810 1.5lb
Week 11 810 with food so more like 1000, 1lb

And here it all is, for anybody that wonders how much you lose on what plan

Got to my goal weight of 9.7 from 11.9.5 in 11 weeks, from a size 14 to a 10 (I'm 5'3") 30.5lbs total lost

Week 1 - 6.5lbs 11st 3lbs SS
Week 2 - 5.5lbs 10st 11.5lbs SS+
Week 3 - 3lbs 10st 8.5lbs SS+
Week 4 - 1lb 10st 7.5lbs SS+
Week 5 - 3lbs 10st 4.5lbs SS+
Week 6 - 4lb 10st 0.5lbs SS+
Week 7 - 2lbs 9st 12.5lbs 810
Week 8 - 2lbs 9st 10.5lbs 810
Week 9 - 1lb 9st 9.5lbs 810
Week 10 - 1.5lbs 9st 8lbs 810
Week 11 - 1lb 9st 7lbs 810ish (more like 1000)



Happiest Girl :D
Aww, thanks :) You will do, just keep your eyes on the prize and keep telling yourself it'll be done in no time :D

You're off to a great start! 9lbs in the first week is brilliant. Although, don't be disheartened if you get a low one in week 3 (or mine snuck up on me in week 4!)

Good luck xx


Happiest Girl :D
I was prepared for week 3, then I thought I'd escaped it & got bit in the bum week 4 lol!

I hope you get a good loss this week hon, just think, you've done 2/3 of your target already! :D

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