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Caroljayne's diary

I have been following the slimming world plan for the last couple of years but have just been yo yo ing for last six months. I have lost a couple of stone so far, still want to lose another 1.5. I have decided to try slimfast for the next couple of weeks to see if it boosts my weight loss. Tesco's delivery this afternoon so will be starting tomorrow. XxX
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Good luck with it and keep us posted on how your doing and coping
Day 1

Ok so today it starts....... Day 1
The plan for today is
B = shake
S = slice ham, celery and some light cottage cheese (need to check cals, ham is 25 slice not sure about celery or cc)
L = Shake
S = Apple
D = chicken breast caseroled, couple new potatoes, cauliflower and broccolli.
S = slimfast bar

Going to drink 1 pint of water everytime I eat something/drink shakes.
and hope to go for a walk this evening (if it's not raining) or use pilates machine
Wish me luck XxXxX
P.S Off to boots now as shakes are on offer £2.99 a tin.
Wishing everyone else a good SF day.
Day 2

Yesterday went really well, I kept to what I had planned to eat so pleased with that.
Today I plan to have:
B = Banana shake
S = 50g smoked salmon
L = Choc shake
S = apple and few almonds
D = Beef curry
S = SlimFast snack bar ( pity these are not a bit bigger lol)

I find drinking a pint of water before eating/drinking is helping to fill me up.
Good luck fellow SlimFasters for today.
Day 3

Ok out all day today on 1st aid training so havn't stuck to it completely but near enough. Took a sandwhich for lunch, rather than face the "is that all your having" comments.
B= Banana shake
L = 2 slice wholemeal bread 400g loaf, ham, tomatoe. Apple
S = Banana
D = Jacket potatoe, salmon, salad
S = SF choc bar

Not had much water today and no exercise - tired and feel like wine but will resist :) XxX
Day 4

Went to bed really hungry last night, not so bad this morning though.
Menu today is:
Got up late so skipped breakfast and mid morning snack
L = Strawberry shake
S = Apple and 6 almonds
D = Lean roat pork, cabbage, carrots, dry couple dry roasted potatoes. Activia 0% yogurt.
S = SF bar

Wishing everyone else a good day :)


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sounds like your doing pretty well and the meals sound lovely and healthy
Day 5

B = banana shake
S = Quavers
L = Choc shake
S = Banana
D = steak, jacket potatoe, salad.
S = SF bar

Keeping fingers crossed for weigh-in this afternoon XxX
Day 6

B = banana shake
S = satsuma
L = choc shake
S = celery, light cottage cheese, couple grapes
D = spag bol, made with extra lean mince. Fat free yogurt
S = quavers
Day 7 & 8

Had a busy day yesterday so didn't get on here to update - still doing well and keeping to the plan :)
Yesterdays menu:
B= strawberry shake
S = apple, celery, low fat cottage cheese
L = Caffe latte shake (not sure if I like this one)
S = SF cheesy snacks
D = Pork stir fry, noodles
S = SF choc bar

B = Banana shake
S = 25g smoked salmon and few grapes
L = choc shake
S = banana
D = chicken curry, rice
S = SF choc bar

wishing everyone else a good day :) XxX
Day 9

Feeling hungry today - well not sure if I am really hungry or just craving naughty things lol - have so far managed to stick with it. Out all day tomorrow on training so that should help as I wont have time to think about food :)

B= Caffe latte shake
S = SF pretzels - really liked these
L = Choc shake
S = Chopped apple and small tub of extra light phillidelphia
D = light sausages, home made potatoe wedges, baked beans.
S = SF choc bar or skinny cow chocolate ice-cream
Days 10 & 11

Well yesterday I was out all day on 1st aid refresher, the day went well but the evening was a different matter.....
B= Banana shake
L = sandwhich made with 2 slices wholemeal bread (400g loaf) cheese triangle and salad. Banana, low fat yogurt.
D = beef stew, potatoes.
had 3/4 bottle red wine ........ oops was only going to have 1 glass :)
S = chunk of cheddar cheese .... oops again

Today feeling sick, have a headache :-( of the self inflicted type........
B= latte shake
S = 1 slice wholemeal bread toasted with marmite
L = choc shake
S = chopped apple, philli extra light small pot
D = Tuna pasta bake, salad
S = sf choc bar
Day 12

B= strawberry shake
S = wholemeal bread, marmite
L = choc shake
S = apple, extra light philli
D = spag bol
S = SF pretzels

Will be weighing later, I hope I lose something after the wine on Saturday ;-)
Day 13

Happy to report a 2 1/4 lb weight loss this week :) really pleased again.

B= latte shake
S = apple + couple almonds
L = Choc shake
S = smoked salmon + couple grapes
D = grilled pork chop, potatoes, carrots
S = SF choc bar

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