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CD and Atkins


I am currently on the CD, and am doing well, and well into ketosis!! The only problem I have with the CD is the cost. I dont earn a great amount and I have a young child, so this is really a big expense for me that I'm not sure that I could maintain.

Is it possible that I could flitter between CD and Atkins, maybe CD for four days then Atkins for 3 days...?

Or if I was to do Atkins straight away, would it knock me out of the Ketosis that I am in with CD??

What would be the effects if any??

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Personally I wouldn't recommend it at all, from experience "mixing" diets never works.

When you say the money is a concern it is £1.65 per meal, are you sure that an Atkins type meal is going to cost less than that ?

My budget for food shopping per week is £20 for me and my daughter, but has now risen to £50 to cover me on CD... With the £20 per week, I was buying quite a bit of meat so think that Atkins would be much cheaper anyways.

If I were to go on to Atkins, do you think it would affect my ketosis? Not sure if I could do the headache thing again???

Thanks so much for your advice though Icemoose, mixing is not a good idea!!

Thanks for your advice!!!
In theory you can protect ketosis but remember ketosis just means you are low carb and hence burning fat, it doesn't mean you lose more weight, you can eat 3000 calories a day and be in ketosis and put on weight!!

Why not chat over with your CDC about doing say the 1200 ot 1500 plan? That way it is only 1 or 2 packs a day and can still offer good weight loss ?

To be honest my CDC is not very good. I have found out more about the CDC on this forum than I have from asking her. She didnt weigh me, or measure me - and when I asked her questions she gave me quick answers that only suited her. For instance I asked if I could excercise, and her response was 'I go to the gym, so you should'. When I asked her about sweetner, she said 'I don't, so you shouldn't'...

I will continue with the CD, and maybe make some budget cuts somewhere else, as I really seem to be suited to this diet... But thanks so much for the advice!!!

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