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CD and Christmas

Ok..have just come back from holiday an additional stone heavier (now officially my heaviest ever). Really upset as I'd lost 3.5 stone and over the past 5 years its kept back on a lb at a time til I'm back where I started Need to take control back so thinking of CD. Was considering starting after Christmas due to having a works do booked...but I'm now of the mind that need to start now. Is that a good idea? Will contact a CDC tomorrow and try and arrange a meeting.

So how do people manage over Christmas on a VLCD?
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Dieting Rambler

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Well I started on the 14th of November, I have OH birthday coming up, works do, and we are going to a hotel for 4 days over Christmas.....so why did I start, simple....there will always be a reason why I can't, totm, party, dinner with friends, birthdays etc etc....so I decided to start and deal with each event as it comes, and be sensible, I don't want to put it all back on, so I am having my nights out, but being healthy and yes it will be hard to start again after them but that is what I am going to have to do for the rest of my life, have a night out and pull my socks up after it.

You need to do what is right for you, you could lose a stone between now and Christmas.....
Dieting Rambler's given you some great advice, Polgara. :)

Plan the days you're sure you won't be able to diet... map 'em out. It's really easy to say "oh, I have all sorts of days I won't be dieting, I'm hopeless", but when you look and see that it's three days out of a calendar month of 31, it helps put things in perspective a bit.

The other thing is that planning helped give me control. I was planning on having a massive blowout on my birthday, but when the time rolled round, I wasn't as interested. Because I'd given myself permission, I was more in control. I don't know if it will help you the same way it helped me.

How easily do you drop in and out of ketosis? I really have to work at it...

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