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CD Porridge


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As the title suggests, porridge....

i have the apple and cinnimon one, but i think it tastes revolting :( but i like porridge and want to keep giving it a go.

is there anyone else out there who doesnt like it but has added to it to make it bearable????

also like wise for the cheese and broccoli soup???

any suggestions welcome!!!!

Katy x
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Well i used to make the app&cin porridge with skimmed milk as part of ss+ made it taste human at least..also used to make it a la old stylie on the 'hob' not microwave tasted ok! and used to get nice hard bits of chewy oats lol

Gone right off porridge now though only have shakes & bars

Hope that helps..a bit lol


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S: 26st0lb C: 26st0lb G: 13st8lb BMI: 50.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Yeah ive tried making it with milk and also on the hob, and i still find it awfull.... but ive only 2 packs left of it, i will cope!!!


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My CDC will swap sachets that I don't like as long as they are undamaged and in date. Have you considered ringing her and asking? I also don't like the apple and cinnamon one but I do like the original variety so maybe that is an option
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Hi Specialk

I had my first one this morning, original tho not the app&Cin, it wasnt that awful but not totally convinced! Hope the app & cin is nicer, have that tom! You've made a good start, good luck with your WI tomorrow!


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i go through phases with the porridge. I loved it at the start, have hated it happily for 17 weeks, and then had one on monday and could have eaten 3 a day this week. I am seeing my CDC on friday this week, so i will be swapping a couple of my shakes for porridge.

I use a balloon wisk and mix constantly when adding the water to the mix....and then a little bit of extra mixed spice, into microwave for 20 sec, mix, 20 sec, mix, 20 sec, mix and add a little more water and it comes out nicely!
Its a pain in the arse as sometimes you just fancy something "edible" so i wish my "phase" would makes its mind up! lol :D


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Hi specialk

A colleague let me try a bit of the broccoli and cheese before I stated CD - I thought it was dreadful and have never ordered it.
Rather like both types of porridge - could have done a swap if you were nearby.
Ah well, at least from now on you can just focus on the CD items that you like.


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I put some chocolate shake in mine sometimes! Oh my god it is so nice!!!!! x x

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