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    INTHESUMMEROF69 Full Member

    Hi there

    Now I have tried 3 packs of CD a day but I just feel I need more , if I was to have 4 packs a day , what would be my weekly loss ? I am 5ft 2
    Has anyone done 4 and can they tell me ?
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  3. Lilac

    Lilac Full Member

    Four packs a day plus 200 ml of skimmed milk is the SS+ plan - average weight loss seems to be about 12lb a month, which is roughly what I'm losing. Hope that helps. (I'm 5' 3" by the way)

    INTHESUMMEROF69 Full Member

    That really helps , can I ask you what you have to eat with your 4 packs and also do you have bars ? see there is not much difference then is there , cos they say a stone a month just I am find it so hard this time around to do 3
  5. Lilac

    Lilac Full Member

    SS+ has two options either 4 packs plus 200ml of skimmed milk a day (great if you hate black tea) or 3 packs plus a 200 cal meal of a set amount of lean protein & a set amount of green & white vegetables (hence it's sometimes called a green and white meal).

    Your packs can include one bar a day (after the first two weeks) or tetras.
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    INTHESUMMEROF69 Full Member

    Thanks for that info .
    I will see how I go , I think I may just do the 4 a day , or 3 shakes and a bar . I do like milk in hot drinks , must go get some milk . The green one I think .
    Be good to lose 12 pounds a month Just doing that .
  7. liz1987

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    I started on 3 packs a day, but bought a few spare because I thought I might need four. I'm five foot seven and a half, so I'm verging on needing four according to CD rules anyway.

    Well the point of this post was that for the first week, a quite often had four a day, as a decided it was better to have an extra food pack than eat other food. Since the first week though, I haven't really felt the need for four, so I was going to suggest that you have four for the first week when you feel like it, but that you might find you don't want the forth anymore when you settle into the diet. But everyones different, just play it by ear.

    I've found that I have COMPLETELY lost my appetite now, so eating three is usually plenty for me (did not think for a second when I started this that I would be saying that three is enough! Ketosis does strange - and good - things to you!)

    Anyway hope this post helps x
  8. Angela83

    Angela83 Silver Member

    Just a note, it's not all green and white veg, e.g green peppers are not allowed. Your book will tell you what you can have. I always thought it was called a green and white meal as the protein is in a white list and the veg allowed is on a green list on the page. might be wrong though.hope this helps.

    I have the occasional SS+ meal but since starting the bars I haven't felt the need for it.
  9. British_Claire_84

    British_Claire_84 Gold Member

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    Just a quick one, if you decide on having the milk option for ss+ it's supposed to be 200ml of skimmed (red top) milk i'm afraid.. Took a while for me to get used to!

    INTHESUMMEROF69 Full Member

    Will try that Liz doing 4 and who knows i may not need them all the tme :)

    INTHESUMMEROF69 Full Member

    Thanks for that claire , red not green , ok . I guess red will add some white to the drink if nothing else lol
  12. Eclipse

    Eclipse Gold Member

    You can also use "the One" milk, which has the same fat/calorie content as skimmed, but tastes exactly like semi-skimmed. It has a purple label and can be found in most supermarkets x

    INTHESUMMEROF69 Full Member

    cherl , thanks for that , yes I think I have sean that one , bet it taste better than red too
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