CD Shakes


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Does anyone actually know how many Carbohydrates are in your 3 shakes a day?

I do know CD is a VLCD but i would also like to know how many Carbs are in them.
I could ask my counsellor but i've only met her once and dont want to barge her with too many questions on my first week.


Thanks zreena,

42g is a little high, when i did Atkins i kept to under 20g per day, i could've maintained on Atkins at 42g but not lost, but then again this is also a low calorie diet so mabye it evens itself out.

How did you find the atkins?? I did it but got a bit bored with eating the same things!! Omlettes and bacon and eggs.

Did you find different things to eat?
Hi there - the reason why CD contains carbs is so that you enter a MILD state of ketosis, not a dangerous one. That way your body burns off the fat safely and efficiently without damaging your health.
Hope that helps
Hi isobel thanks for that,my mind works overtime sometimes im one of those people that needs to know the science behind why something works lol.