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cd soups


Water water everywhere
I hate oriental chilli, it reminds me of sick :p

I like Vegetable and erm...oh Spicy Tomato. I can just about bear the chicken and mushroom if I'm desperate or the mushroom. But I used to love those two, funny how tastes change and everyone loves/hates different flavours


Hi its me again
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Can;'t bear the tomato, don;t mind the others but my fave is Oriental Chilli....

mmm me too love the oriental chilli. Have gone off tomatoe and the only other ones I have are veg and chk and mushroom...

cheese and broccoli is yuck.... even the colour is yuck
I've only tried the chicken and mushroom and veggie at moment. But I am, and have been addicted to the chicken and mushroom soups all week.



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i never tried cheese and broc one and soon went off all the soups but favourites at first were veg and chic. & mush
Cheese and broc stinks (and I think tastes of fish) - hate it so much! oriental chilli is fine, I like the veg (though not the pepper seeds that keep turning up in it) and the chicken and mush. TBH, I much prefer the shakes and bars.
I cant stand any of them, lol. I got a mixture of soups and milkshakes from CDC for week 1 and i had to go back to see her after 2 days to swap them, because i couldnt stand the smell or taste :(. They all went down the sink :rolleyes:. Even now, when i think of them i feel so sick :rolleyes:, lol.

All i have had through SS is Choc mint Milkshakes and Choc CD bars, they are the only ones i like, lol.

I'm glad your enjoying them though, it'll give you an nice variety on the diet.:D

Good luck with your weightloss :) xx
Chicken and Mushroom! It makes gorgeous crisps. Oh, and nice stuffing, when you're on AAM and 790. I don't rate any of the soups that highly when they're made AS soups, though - for some reason I really miss salt when I drink them like that!

I've heard so many bad resports about cheese and broccoli that I haven't had the guts (or aching guts :D ) to try it!!!

Off topic, does anyone know whether we're allowed salt substitutes?


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Has anyone tried mixing in the soups some dried herbs to taste or mask the taste!!

I put Dried dill in with chicken and Mushroom...helps a tad


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my favourite is the spicy tomato served really hot, I like oriental chilli and mushroom as well.


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I only tried the oriental chilli soup ... I really didnt like it, I was gagging after a few mouthfulls ... lol definitely not to my taste. Ive not tried any others though to be honest, as I just havent been able to get on with the mixing of the packets.

I swapped my packets with my cdc for choc tetras Saturday as I just wasnt getting on with them. I like the choc tetras and am living on those with my meal on the 790 plan, going ok so far, I havent been hungry just horrid cravings this evening!! Grrr!


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Only started on Sat but so far i like the Veg and the Spicy Tomato ones best. Not as keen on the chicken and mushroom one.

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