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CD while feeding the family

Hi I am a wife and mother of 3, and just wondered how others are finding working CD when you still have to cook for the family.

I hadn't been finding it that difficult, until today when we went to do the weekly shop. I found myself buying all these lovely meal ingredients and the realisation hit me... i'm not gonna be eating any of it!!

Made the prospect of my luuurvly soup a bit depressing really.

Do you have any tips? how do you conquer those tempting moments?

T xxx
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It is tricky but the more you do it the easier it gets.... I tend to write a list before I go so I don't buy anything that's not needed for meals and go round as quick as possible! It'll get easier I promise, I quite like cooking for DH now and just accept that I won't eat it...
It's the smell sometimes :( I cooked lovely chicken tikka for the family and it took every ounce of willpower I had not to eat any.

I went out for an hour or so and when I cam back, it still smelt delicious :(

Most times I'm ok coz I'm not actually hungry but depends on the smell though.
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hi hun,
im a mum of 3 too. i also write a list then i shop online, as soon as it is delivered it gets put away so minimal handling of the food (ie biscuits lol)
as for cooking, unfortunatley i cant get away from it so i try as much as possible to make meals that the family like but that im not to keen on, then i dont really feel like im missing out.
i usually come on here while they are eating, a bit unsciable i know but its not for long.


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i cook in advance and shove it in the freezer in portion sizes. but then since im a single mum its easier and im not exactly tempted by her mush


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hi the list is a defo.. i never used 2 write lists but as u said i found myself buyin the things i liked 2 eat ...mad eh.... also i like 2 have my cambridge maybe a soup at the same time as the family eat but if not i have a shower or go do someting upstairs while every1 has finished ..and get rid of leftovas straight away or theyll call 2 u lol x x


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I'm quite lucky as the OH is happy for me to do the shopping & not buy any biscuits, chocolate or crisps. He buys those & keeps them at work.

I do write a list tho & shop according to that & usually online too.

The cooking doesn't bother me but occasionally the smell drives me crazy & 'cos I know how something tastes (from past) my mouth does water & it nearly kills me not to eat it.

During the first few weeks I endured trips to McDonalds, KFC & Burger King with friends & family. It was horrible but I did it.

It does get easier over time. :) xx
Thanks everyone, I'm sure you're all right and it will get easier. it's been over 2 weeks now and i haven't slipped yet, so obviously i've got more willpower than i give myself credit for.
I also write a list and also I cook in advance and freeze things like, lasgna, chicken pies, sheperds pie, curry all sorts of stuff the I only need to do potatoes and veg on the day.xx


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i think you are all incredible - it takes all my strength to do a micro meal and some extra veg for my 12 yr old son luckily my oh is on cd ss too! i feel really guilty that my son isnt getting my homecooked meals any more but its either that or obese and ill parents. And i really miss cooking with him. Thankfully he is is very supportive and my mum keeps having him to stay and feeding him up lol. I think all of you who deal with food are amazing - i hope i will get stronger at some point.


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everyones given great advice - it does get easier!!

i find now, i LOVE cooking for everyone else.
good luck!! xx
hi - i have a hot choc and come on here.
it is difficult but my family seem to be enjoying better food now i have started cd, think its the realisation that i dont want my children growing up with obesity so making sure that they get their 5 a day, i ususally take myself away either walk the dog or have a bath when they are eating then i insist that any left overs go straight into the dogs bowl so im not tempted to nick off plates

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