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CDC scales & a question

Make me heavier then mine lol.. Hers put 1-2lb on what mine say :confused: why?

Just a quick question, I started on the 1-1-2010 with some shakes my sister gave me. I met my CDC on the tuesday a week later, But my "offical" weigh in is on a thursday on my scales, instead of hers on a tuesday, iykwim lol would that be okay?:eek:
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All scales are different hun, don't worry about it. Mine say I am 2lb heavier than my CDC's ones.

Why not change your weigh day to a Thursday with your CDC?

Also, you should really only be taking real notice of the Wi at CDC, not on yours lol or you will get mega confused and possibly a little disheartened.

Keep up the good work. Charlie xx


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I am using my own scales for my "official" weigh in. I think you should do whatever keeps you going on the diet.
lol well i lost 5lb this week, But last week was in the evening weigh in and its totm lol


Size 14 here i come!
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I weigh 1-2 lbs more on my CDC scales, i like my scales better,lol
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I weigh 4lb heavier on my CDC scales! and the worst thing is because I started on Lipotrim and the scales weighed the same as mine, I will always be 4lb heavier on my official weigh ins!! oh well in a few months i'm sur it wont make much difference, but for now I will use my scales for my weekly updates.


Size 14 here i come!
S: 14st7lb C: 12st1lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 2st6lb(16.75%)
My cdc told me my bmi was 33 and as i was a mum it wasn't good at all and we needed to get that down asap, lol i felt like a kid being told off. Thank god i didn't meet her 5 weeks ago when i had an extra 2st on. I like straight talking she didn't offend me but some people might have been. I have to pee on a ketostix for her next week so she can see i haven't cheated lmao. Love it!
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the thing is i bet you weigh yourself at home as soon as you get up in a morning after you have been to the loo and depending on what time you have WI you would have drank water or even had your shakes so your bound to weigh a bit more at CDCs
whatever i weigh on my scales on morning of WI i add about 1lb and thats usually what i weigh at CDCs as i go at 10am and have usually had 1l of water by then but hold off on my shake till after ive been ;)


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Hey.. as long as you are loosing on your CDC scales, thats good isn't it? Try and change your WI to a morning if you can, when you at your lightest and don't be disheartened, with your last WI and your TOTM, you'll be a cpl of lb's heavier anyway that during that time. So next week will show that loss. Hugs xx
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when i joined yesterday i was weighed on my cdc (her own)and there was a diff of 9lbs since last monday weighin at chemist.i knew i lost weight but i didnt think it was that much.dont weigh on my own scales has as you know weighing on different scales can be so heart breaking.as from now it will only be my cdc scales i take notice of.best of health to you all .x


She's me in a few months
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if my CDC told me to go pee on a sick id tell her p off lol

wether or not you cheat is down to you and if you do its just gonna take you longer to lose so more money in her pocket, sounds a bit OTT to me
thats abit mad weeing on a stick lmao...

lanclass, its in the morning at 10.30 anyway and i refuse to have water/shake before then lol


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Maybe the gravitational pull of the earth in your CDC's house is different to how it is in your house... :)

I find that even my own scales can vary up to 2 pounds depending on where in the kitchen I stand on them.

(Not that I've spent ages weighing myself all over the kitchen, no, no, no :D :D :D)

As for peeing on sticks, hmm. Not everybody shows pink on the sticks, even if they've been 100% good. So it would be a bit off to decide whether you've cheated or not, going from the stick colour alone.

Besides, as others have already said - if you do cheat, so what? You're only cheating yourself, right?


Size 14 here i come!
S: 14st7lb C: 12st1lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 2st6lb(16.75%)
Well i didn't realise no one else had been asked,lol
I don't mind as i never cheat, maybe i won't get my choccy bars till i can prove i'm in ketosis.
It is extreme but a good way to stop anyone wanting to cheat, not sure she will ask every week. I did say she didn't take any prisoners!

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