celery and potato soup yum!


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Just made a celery and potato soup and i dont even like celery.

x6 celery sticks
about 400g potatoes
x2 veg stock in 1pint hot water.

Cut up all potaoes and celery sticks.
Pop all in the veg stock for about 45 mins or until soft.
Put in food blender and serve!!!

YUM!!! poppping the recipe on my website and also a photo in a moment!
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Ohh yum, I just made veg soup (carrots, parsnip, leeks, spring onion, potatoes and stock)......... it tastes lovely but looks like sick!!!



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Yum, I make this about once a fortnight. Hubby wont usually eat soup, but even he loves this! I add onions to mine, and use as leafy a head of celery as I can find.
Thanks for posting!


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aye, I first made it last year. I think i was one of the Covent Garden Soup recipe books I adapted it from. They are great books those.


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They had to get the idea from somewhere ;-)


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Is this free on green then????
Rach xx


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I love cooked celery, I'm going to make that as soon as my foot's well enough for standing around on. I made some spicy parsnip soup before my op and froze it, and I'm eating it today, it's very filling and thick. Soups are fantastic for winter.


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I make curried parsnip soup. Onion, garlic,parsnips to almost fill pan. Stock to just cover veg and add teaspoon curry powder. Simmer till very soft and blitz.

Curried butternut squash soup is nice as well and Lidl have them cheap at the moment. They keep for ages too.


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I made this soup last night and it's delish! I softened an onion in fry light first then added the celery and potato. Also, I tend to use Knorr chicken stock cubes (and count the syn) and I added two as per the original recipe and it was too salty so I added some more water and a bit more celery and threw some butternut squash in as well and a good grind of black pepper. Let it all cool then blitzed it. It's really lovely! I have brought some in to work today for my lunch. :)