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Cereal bars for healthy B option

You can also have 2 ryvita goodness bars. I like the mixed berry one and prefer them to alpen.


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Sainsbury have cereal bars that can be used as a HEB. I've tried the peach/apricot and maple varieties and they were okay if a bit sweet for my taste. They are 3.5 syns so technically you're only allowed one for a HEB but I have two and count the extra syn.

As an aside it gets my goat that - if you only have one bar you're missing out on 2.5 syns that you're entitled to for an HEB. Same with 800g slices of bread that work out at about 4 syns per slice - again I have two and syn the extra.
Also, the ryvita goodness luxury bars are LOVELY! You only get one for a HEB but it's worth it cos they taste really indulgent.
HEb – Cereal Bars (G/O)
Alpen - 2 Alpen Light Cereal Bars (21g bars, any variety)

Asda – 2 Asda Real Strawberry/Real Apple Fruit bars (20g bar)

Kellogg's - 1 Kellogg's All-Bran Honey & Oat Bar (27g bar)

Ryvita - 2 Ryvita Goodness Bars (23g bars, any variety)

Sainsbury - 1 Sainsbury BGtY Honey, Nut and Seed Cereal bar (32g bar)
Sainsbury - 1 Sainsbury BGtY Apple & Blackcurrant M/G & Prebiotic Cereal bar (25g bar)
Sainsbury - 1 Sainsbury BGtY Maple M/G & Prebiotic Cereal bar (25g bar)
Sainsbury - 1 Sainsbury BGtY Pink Grapefruit M/G & Prebiotic Cereal bar (25g bar)
Sainsbury - 1 Sainsbury BGtY Apricot & Peach M/G & Prebiotic Cereal bar (25g bar)

Slimming World - HiFi bar (any variety)

Something Xtra - 1 Something Xtra Cranberry & Chocolate Cereal Bar (32g bar)

Tesco – 1 Tesco Healthy Living Apricot & Oat Crumble Bar (29g bar)

Hope this helps.
Kellogg's Fibre Plus bars are delicious, and you can have one for a Healthy Extra B Choice.

They come in Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate and Almond flavour :drool:, and have been on offer at Morrisons for the last couple of weeks.
I looked at the Kellogg's bars & they looked lovely but I thought they looked too nice to be allowed , going to buy some now !!