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Cerulean's new before and after 2011


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OMG! Wow you look amazing! :wow::wow:

So inspirational... I cant wait to get there...
Cerulean, I dont know if its the angle in which you have taken your pics but your face looks incredibly gaunt??? (the new photos on your blog) Are you sure you need to lose 36 more pounds??
The weight loss is impressive tho :) I've lost 42lbs in 14weeks just with exercise and 1500cals a day.


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Hi Cerulean, I have looked at your progress and you are certainly inspiring me. I am 38 lb down in 11 weeks with a week off in between. We had pretty similar starting weights so its good to see what can be achieved. You look amazing.Well done honey :worthy:


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AOGG - Any gauntness is glycogen loss - it hits my face particularly hard, but I always look healthy again once I refeed - I have very high cheekbones - my friends say I look like Peter Cushing when I'm on a VLCD!! - weight comes off my face and collarbones even when I'm obese. I definitely have at least 25lbs to go to get to a healthy BMI.
thats ok then :) yes I agree your face looks very thin, good job it goes ok when you re-feed :)
Well done, you look amazing!! I have the same 'problem' as you, I look like I'm a perfect weight when the scales still say I'm overweight! Don't listen to anyone else and continue until you're happy! Xxx
You look amazing! I can't believe you even have more weight to lose you look so good in that photo :D
Looking good! What I've noticed is when everyone has lost weight how much younger they look! Hope when I finally get losing that I lose some years aswell as pounds also! Lol

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