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Changes/improvements to CD Challenge?

As there are less and less teams entering the weekly CD challenges can anyone think of any way we could change how the challenge is organised.

Should we have it weekly/2 weeks/4 weeks?
Should we have more or less members in each team?

I am open to suggestions.

Please reply in this thread or send me a pm

Thank you
Irene xx
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Hi Irene,
Haven't really got any suggestions, but didn't want to 'read and run', after all the hard work you've put in. I've been dissapointed by the apparent lack of interest in the challenge, which from what i understood was part of the whole idea of the teams as well as the support.
It can be difficult enough getting everyone to post their results weekly, i do think changing days/frequency may just put people off even more. I like the weekly challenge, it fits in with most peoples WI patterns.
Still like 6 in a team, (or even more?) because although most people seem to start off well, some people don't post much after a while, or enter their results for participation in the challenge. So any fewer numbers would probably lead to more teams 'dying'!
Maybe could consider lowering the no. of results to be able to enter to 2 for a while until numbers pick up, see if more teams will then be able to participate.
Oh heck, i have no idea..... sorry for waffling. xx
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I know this will probably be really unpopular but here goes...I think we should introduce a time limit to how many weeks a team can go without posting their results before their team thread gets deleted. If a team doesn't post for, say 4 weeks then their thread gets deleted as this part of the forum is for the team challenge after all.
There are group threads on other parts of the forum that are there for group support if that's what you need but if you don't want to be part of the weekly challenge then you're in the wrong place!
I have a rule in my team that if one of the team members doesn't post for a week the monday after the weekly challenge ends if they've still not posted then their place will be filled. Yes my team is very supportive of each other during the week but they do understand that the point of the team is to do the weekly challenge so if we don't get their results then they don't get to be part of the team.
I also think we need to narrow down the team numbers as they're getting a little silly now. They're up in the 30's when only about 13 teams are still up and running (even though there was only 2 team results posted for the last 2 weeks!:(). How would everyone feel about changing their teams number?
Ok I'm done and I'm awaiting my bashing...:hide:
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I do agree mostly, so no bashing from here. I would be dissappointed though to have to lose the team, as i have been trying desperately to recruit new members for the past few weeks but on several occassions they just left without informing so were scuppered for the challenge, as it seems has happened this week again....grrrr! It seems a lot of newbies are starting up new teams as opposed to joining existing ones, which i can understand. But they don't seem to be 'lasting'. Maybe on the advertising agency we could have a sticky with all the 'current' teams and their number of spaces vacant so people can see at a glance? We just update it as any changes occur. It may make it easier to see who is still around on the challenge at all. Then if things get desperate, it may be easier for two small teams to join up. Agree i probably need to be a bit more firm with rules in terms of the challenge but i'm just a bit soft, and at the moment can't aford to lose yet another one! Would be happy to change team number though to make things more clear.
Sorry for waffling again xx
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Bit of an interloper here - I'm doing W8 at the moment and really admire the teams you have going. I've just been browsing trying to see if other VLCDers can join or it is strictly CD? This might be a way of increasing members? I would love to join a team - is it possible?


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Just wanted to say...I totally agree with Kelly about teams being deleted if not entering weigh in's BUT....If the team is very active then give them a warning or say to team leaders that they Must submit results Every week even if not eligable due to lack of numbers, but to be honest I've noticed lately that alot of people are starting teams instead of trying to join present teams...noticed 2 members ditched present team to maybe join/make new team, which doesn't really help.
I know what it's like to keep members in a team as such a high turnover for people not sticking to cd (that includes me by the way :p).
Such a complicated situation at moment.....Maybe what we need to do now is ban any more teams being made and say anyone wanting to join team must join one of the exsisting teams and maybe delete teams that are not active:)
Just a thought but Kelly is right the team is a competition as well as a support thread:D

Sorry for the ramble;)
I've taken out of the list any teams that have not posted for some time. However have left any teams that are still posting. But most of these teams are not putting in weekly results.

Irene xx


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I did post this on another topic but thought it should also go here too, i hope you don't mind.

Not sure if this would work but i'd like to suggest it anyway.

Would it be usefull to change the frequancy of the team challenge, say every two weeks or on the last day of every month?

I think the positives of this are:
1) some people don't get weighed every week so would make it easier for them.
2) submitting the results on the last day of every month say, would mean that the teams would need less of an input from the person who is responsible for the team results (who i think is Irene)
3) Would make it a bit more of a challenge being over a longer period of time and maybe abit more exciting.
4) maybe the months winner could get a special sparkly reward to add to signature too?

All just my ideas, they may not work but just thought i would share and would take no offence if none were used

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