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Changing daily food plans???


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Hi all

Me again lol :D

Just a question to ask you lovely people about daily food plans. Do you think people lose more if following the same plan ie green week/red week/ee week/mix2max week lose more in a week than doing one day green one day mix2max etc etc.

Cos i love my meat and dont want to do a full week of red as i find im struggling what to have for lunch etc, but i love rice pasta pot and tbh i have more green ideas than red. And mix2max at least i can have one meal with meat with loads of veggies. And ee dont agree with me so givin that one a miss hehe

Anyone know if so help would be appreciated

many thanks again
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Mrs V

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Hi Hun...I know someone that only had Green Days and she still went on to loose 10stone. Its all depending how your body reacts to the plan as to what suits you better.
For some, Green days work just as well, but I find that if I do anymore than 2 a week, I gain weight or sts. I bloat on Green Days, so tend to have the Red for this reason.
If you have tried EE and it hasnt worked for you, then I would give something else a try. EE doesnt work for me either.
Have you had a look at my Food diary?? I put everything in there...lunch as well..maybe that could give you some ideas?


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I've always done Green. I've never done any other day (red, ee, mix2max, se, ff) is the whole 6 years I've known SW. Like MrsV says, it's all about what your body gets on with, the great thing with SW is you can mix it up and experiment until you find something that fits :)
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Agree with those two knowledgeable people! :D

You need to experiment and work out what suits your body. Sounds like doing a mix of red and green days and Mix2Match would suit your tastebuds, so try it and see what your losses are like, but try it for a good 3 or 4 weeks so you give it time to see any pattern emerging.

Keeping a food diary is the best idea - that way you know what you've eaten and when, and you can remember it, so you can highlight what works or doesn't. I keep a notebook with me at all times and write up my food as I go, as well as my diary on here.


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I have only ever done red and green days - usually 5 red and 2 green and because I am losing steadily I would be a bit scared to change from that now I think. X


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I do whatever I fancy, I plan my day around my evening meal usually so if I'm having pasta or risotto it will be green and if I want a casserole or steak I'll do red.
I've never really done a full week of a plan tbh, there's usually the odd different one in there!
Obviously variety is the key so even if you follow green everyday, try not to eat the same foods - mix it up a bit.
Good luck. xx
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I don't really think about what plan I am doing now, I just plan my meals for the week round my main meal, add in the other meals count the syns and go for it. I am doing EE so do have a bit more scope for choice but even then I find some days are actually green ones. Try things out and see what works for you and what you are comfortable with. I do write things down so that if for some reason scales don't move I can have a look back at that week to see if I've eaten something really different.

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