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Changing Tastes

Has anybody else noticed. Food that you would have usually scofffed down without a second thought, or just eaten and enjoyed you no longer enjoy?

For example. I used to love Pork Pies. Id go through like they were going out of fashion. Now.. I cant stand them. I think there just an absolute waste of calories and the grease that it leaves on your hands is yucky..
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I've found that I've completely gone off cola. Had it twice since I started and just didn't enjoy it. Yet I used to drink it constantly, and panic if I didn't have any in. I had to have at least 1 can a day :eek:

I also used to hate drinking water, but now thats pretty much all I drink :)
I'm the same. The thought of scoffing loads of chocolate, which was the norm, now is just not the same. I feel physically sick at the thought of it. I wonder how I ever ate it all in the first place. Now 2 small individual chocs is more than enough, and sometimes even that is a struggle. I'm sure now that I am food conscience, I don't want to put all the 'crap' in my mouth in into my body. I know how hard it is to loose it!


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Slowly But Surely
Same here, I used to eat caramel shortcakes like there was no tomorrow. A box of 20 or so would last me 2-3 days... and now I have one and I'm like omg. Same for tea biccies. Could easily eat 4-6 and now I don't even miss them. It's mainly the sweet things that my tastes are changing for, never ate much fatty/salty foods so it's the same I think. I never thought I could change that, but it didn't take much did it?


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Oh yes, your tastes definitely change when you've been eating healthily for any length of time. Even my body's reaction to it - if I eat anything that is high in fat then my body rebels and it goes straight through me (sorry if TMI)


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I haven't so much gone OFF of things, as turned ON to things. This I couldn't stand are now the core of my eating habits. I ADORE Cottage Cheese (VLF, Asdas own OMG LUSH!), peppers, chickpeas, Laughing Cow (LCexL), Marshalls Cheesy Pasta and baked beans, to name but a few - all things I would have retched over a couple of years ago!


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It is very crazy. Mine have changed dramatically. The slightest sweet or chocolate can make me feel sick. I wont touch foods like cheese or butter or many dairy items. I avoid crisps like that plague, along with biscuits. Scones and cakes are another, and chips and fried foods (Bacon, sausages).

I have a tendancy to much on mints, going to try and get out of this habit - will phase onto gum and then phase off that gradually too.
I agree with mojo my tastes havent changed massively, but there are somethings that I love now, that I wouldn't have dreamt of eating before.
I still enjoy the things (like chocolate) that I did before, I just cant imagine eating as much of them as I used to.


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I think its one reason why a lot of smokers eat more when they quit. They get there taste buds back and have a real taste for the foods.

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
That could explain a lot of my 15-20lbs weight gains after quiting smoking a couple times... Been a year now and all is well. That stuff is nasty.
Congrats Peachy. Quitting smoking must be so hard, as hard as loosing weight I should think. I have to admire you. Not sure I'd have the willpower to quit smoking (not that I have ever smoked) and to then loose weight. Good for you. So many knew changes to your life and all for the better. Keep going.


Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Thanks :) That's really nice of you to say. I was never a big smoker, like nothing like a pack a day, or even a week. It's just that I did it and it bothered me. I resorted to it in times of stress, distress, what have you. Not a social smoker, but an emotional one. See a pattern here? :rolleyes:

Quitting smoking was NEVER as hard as losing weight. I just told myself I wouldn't anymore, but it was difficult because the majority of my friends including my boyfriend at the time smoked. And the problem is I reaalllllyyy love it. I'm not addicted to it, but I just enjoy it. So even now sometimes it's hard to say no. But I have and feel so much better. I know I've gone back to it over the years and always regretted it and thought I'd rather spend the money on a nice meal, or not have all my stuff smelling of smoke, or not be gagging for one when I've had a **** day. Losing weight is so much harder cos the addiction's in your head, it's not physical.
no i'm still eating the same food as ever. i seem to crave dairy does that mean i might be low in calcium or something? i remember hearing your cravings are your brains way of getting the right vitamins or something:) maybe thats just for women in the family way;)

people say smoking is next in line to heroin to give up and we all saw trainspotting didnt we? don't underrate your achievements peachy you doing really well:)
Peachy, I would never have thought that smoking was easier to give up than loosing weight..! To me I just assumed both were hard. Having never smoked I don't get it..but having always been fat, I get the difficulty in loosing. Funny how you were an emotional smoker, and comfort eat. Again, would never have put the 2 together. You must have some good old fashioned will power.

Shelz, never had the problem of being addicted to exercise either! Perhaps here lays my problem!

Keep motivated and keep strong.

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Breadbin-I heard that too you know, about cravings. Maybe that's yet another excuse for 'fat' people to eat whatever they want. We all know we had a bunch of them... Also, Trainspotting is amazing. Really puts things into perspective doesn't it.

Happy-Funny thing isn't it? I am very emotional in everything I do, I'm quite passionate but I've also never really known how to deal with my emotions cos I've supressed them so much in order to take care of other people's.. but no more :)

Along with the weight loss, I decided to be less lenient and less tolerant. The amount of bullsh*t I've endured in relationships and in general was immediately linked with me not having control over myself and food, so that was an objective. Willpower, I do have. I'm very stubborn and always get what I want. I guess I've never really 'wanted' to lose weight before now so that's why it's working this time around. That and also all the head stuff that I've sorted out. Like I said, it's mostly mental isn't it?
Peachy, I'm so proud and pleased for you....stop taking the crap from others and look after yourself. It is definately time to put you first!! I wish I had the willpower you have - I have none. That's why I love Go Lower, it's so easy to do and you don't feel like you are on a diet and therefore don't need willpower! Its great!

Good luck and keep motivated


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