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Channel 4 tonight

I have all the glamour girls I need on here thanks xxxxxxx
what side?
I think creep is the word your looking for lol x

Yummy Mummy in the making

TRYING to be patient!!
was thinkin more along the lines of smoooooooooooooth...until i read the second sentance lol ive watched part of this documentary before, they're all pretty but thick as mince! :D xx
is it American?


Likes to lose
S: 15st0lb G: 11st0lb
Just flicked over to ITV2 and think the half ton dad is on now!! was wondering can someone that weight do LT?
yes but only on a doctors reccomendations as with any diet for someone that size.


Likes to lose
S: 15st0lb G: 11st0lb
Why don't they just do it then..... seems silly to go through all the hassle they are when the answer is simple :D
Its not that simple to be fair, these are very poorly people that need serious help hun x


weighs a lot less
ive watched loads a documentary on huge people,is he having his tummy stapled or a bypass,i know they are ill but surely they could try a vlcd,most of them sit in their beds just eating,its our faults we were fat and to be honest i really dont think they deserve much sympathy,i knew when i got to nearly 18 stone that i needed to do something about it ,i will still be watching it though x


Finally a size 12!
I think for someone whos 45 stone is a bit different to someone whos just 18 stone would they survive on LT???


Likes to lose
S: 15st0lb G: 11st0lb
Maybe they would if they had more shakes to start with or something... reduce it gradually. I agree with Lill, there has to be a point when they said enough is enough i'm going to do something about this!!
oh my god, did anyone watch this?!!? the girl trying to get a tiny baby to eat a burger?!?!?! nutters! makes me really angry
i know and did u see teenager billys mother what a nut talk about killin him with food.All potential lipotrimmers should b made watch that no cheating after that eh?
yeh silly cow! a parents responsibility is to teach a child a healthy relationship with food...if they then grow to be over weight then thats their call....but to encourage and allow your child to be like that is a form of abuse as far as im concerned!! phew...ok i feel much better now lol ;)


weighs a lot less
i have just finished watching it and omg,when the man went into hospital he lost an amazing amount of weight(think about 12 stone) in 5 months this just proves he was over eating,maybe LT would be not enough calories for them but eating 3 or 4 big macs for breakfast washed down with 2 litres of coke is just asking for bloody trouble it said at one point that he was eating the equivelant of 2 weeks worth of calories in one day and the fat teenager well his mum wants shooting ,if your kids is starting to look a bit overweight then the last thing you do is make them some ***** to eat,this programme has really wound me up,we are all here because we know that our weight was getting out of control so we did something about it,you just dont eat yourself to the size when you cant even wipe your own arse ,and the lady who was feeding her 4 mounth old baby burgers just makes me want to scream ,ok i will stop now lil x

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