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Chardonnay's Restart Diary (am I allowed one on here?)

Hi All

I don’t know if we are allowed to have diary like threads on this section or not???

I just really need to talk to someone about this diet and people in general who are going through this same thing as me…

I normally post on “Cambridge Diet Returners” but that thread is very slow and I don’t get much banter going with anyone.

There is such a strange thing happening at work at the moment. Nearly all of girls are saying "gosh, you have really lost weight" etc. etc. Especially the girls I sit with and one other lady who is on a diet as well...

BUT the 4 girls that I am closest to (very close to 2 of them) in the office have said nothing whatsoever!!! 3 out of the 4 would like to loose a few lbs so am wondering if the old green eye monster is coming out? It is making me feel really sad... At lunch time today one girl saw that I was looking at evening dresses for a Xmas “Do” and she offered me her size 18 dress that she has only worn once.

Now I am either being a complete beyatch and she was meaning well, but I just felt a bit sad because it feels like they think I am not going to do it/keep to it/keep it off???

Also, it is my Wedding Anniversary today and DH sent me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers with a balloon. I have them sitting on my desk for all to see (not on purpose, just nowhere on the floor to safely put them!)… My desk is in a main corridor (which also leads to the bathroom). Now absolutely everyone has mentioned them, come over and had a sniff (even the girls from the other side of the floor!) and none of the 4 have! The 2 that I am very close to have walked past my desk, spoken to me and not said a word.

Now it is either something I have done or they are incredibly jealous or… or… god knows! I know this sounds very silly but I just don’t feel like I can talk to them about anything… I don’t know, very confused!!!

Does anyone have the same sort of thing at work/home???

Urgh, just feeling very low at the moment. Doing great on the diet so no worries there… not struggling and loving the lbs coming off. This is my 100th+ restart but this is by far the furthest I have got to on any of my restarts!

Thanks for listening to my moan!

Any advice/hugs/whatever most welcome!!!

Char xxx
x :needhug:x :gen147: x :needhug: x :gen147: x
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Sounds like jealousey 2 me! Your losing weight quick and sound like you have a wonderful romantic Hubby! You can see why they might be jealous! us women can be crazy sometimes! I'm sorry their making you feel so low! Just keep your head up and the losses coming, just be true to yourself and do what makes you happy! If their true friends they'll come round in the end!
Keep smiling! x
People can be weird, can't they! If it wasn't for the flowers thing, I'd say that people that are close to you don't often notice the weight loss straight away, but the flowers thing deffo makes it sound like Jealousy - just ignore them! You've obvioulsy got a fantastic husband and you're doing great on your (100th:D) restart, so they're just going to have to deal with it!

Anyway - Happy Anniversary :hug99:


Hi Chardonnay
I just came across your thread whilst lurking, listen you know it's usually the people closest to us who are actually the more envious and feel uncomfortable to deal with our success, they are probably envious at all the attention you're getting. Just ignore it, behave as you normally do towards them and don't let it get to you.

You are doing so well, keep it up. I re-started Cambridge 2 weeks ago for the 80th time:Dwas doing really good until Thursday and then the weekend, today I sort of dusted myself off and was doing well until about an hour ago, stuffed my face with crisps and now I AM SO ANNOYED. Now, my dilemna - it is school holidays here in SA and I have friends coming over on Thursday for a BBQ, I'm now wondering if I should get through that and re-start properly on Friday, doing exactly what I did to re-start two weeks ago, I cancelled all social events for the first four days and sailed through. I would love to lose 2 stone in 8 weeks - Advice please (NOW, I hope by reading my dilemna- I have managed to take your mind off yours) IF NOT,

Happy Anniversary, have a lovely lovely day and I am sending you 'BIG HUGS" :grouphugg::grouphugg::grouphugg::grouphugg::grouphugg::grouphugg::grouphugg::grouphugg::grouphugg::grouphugg:
Thank you very much CJ!

I just feel very low at the moment with it! I am (was?) extremely close to two of them and now they are "busy" all day and can't really pop by for a chat etc. Which is fine but we always managed to get a quick chat in along the way!

Ho hum... off home for my WI... Hopefully that will cheer me up a bit!

Thanks again

Char xx
Hiya Slimforlive!

Thank you so much for your response! I was thinking maybe a was a jelousy thing but we just don't like to think that way about our friends do we?

How are you getting on with CD? Do you know if I am "allowed" to keep a personal thread on this page or do I have to go to the diary section?

Well done on your weight loss!

char xx
Hi Dyingtobeslim!

Thank you for your response and especially for the hugs! I am starting to feel better now! As I said to Slimforlive... it is not nice to think of your friends being jealous of you...

I am trying to act normal around them and be chatty but I got a snappy response from Friend 1 yesterday... Went to say hello and she was really snappy and said how busy she was.

So you are another restarter then! It is really hard the second time round isn't it! You don't get the excitement that you get with the first time round do you??

Sorry to hear that you had a bad weekend! At least you managed to get back on it even though you ate crisps. Just get straight back on the waggon - don't let it phase you!

Don't you mean you have friends coming round for a Braai? ;)

I was brought up in SA!!!

Why don't you just stick to chicken breast (with no skin) and salad? Can't you do 790 to make the diet that much easier? You can still have the social events... just no alcohol etc. Initially I started on 790 but now I am 7 weeks into the diet and I am starting to think that I might SS as I am not really bothered about that meal. When I do want it I will have it but will see how I get on with SS for a week and see what my weight loss results are like.

Thank you for giving me your dilemma to solve... it has taken my mind off mine :D

Thank you for the well wishes!

I am going for my WI tonight and then a nice comfy eve on the sofa with DH and a glass of something fizzy (water!)

Take care & hope to speak to you soon!

Char xx:flowers:x:thankyou:x
Hi Saffron!

Thank you for your response! I am feeling a lot better... just hope I have not come across as a complete beyatch!!!

Well done you on nearly being at your goal! 2 months to your wedding? Bet you can't wait!!! It is the bestest ever day! I got married 2 weeks ago!

I am very proud of what I have lost so far. I will just have to build a tougher skin.

Char xx


Talks too much
i can empathise with u char, my oldest and best friend has started acting really strangely towards me recently, especially since i started LL. me and her were never slim girls, but i was always maybe a half stone heavier than her, and with her frame she can carry it better. but now ive lost weight, she doesnt answer the phone to me, she wont reply to my texts and by chance we met in the hair salon last week and she barely spoke to me. she recently got engaged and has moved in with her boyf and i know money is tight for her but she completely refuses to meet up with me to do anything but yet i know she regularly goes for nights out with another friend of hers that i never really got on with. its really getting me down and im scared of losing her altogether but i have no idea what to say to her, especially when she hardly speaks to me!
Hi Char,

course you can have a personal thread here - everyone's so lovely and helpful! (as I'm sure you can see!)

I'm doing ok - was 100% for my first 3 weeks, then due a death in the family I came off for 2 days, but am now SSing like there's no tomorrow! hurrah! Hoping to get into the 11s next week, but that's a 4lb loss, so just doing what I can!!



S: 20st5lb C: 20st5lb G: 10st10lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Char, you know sometimes people are so wrapped up in their own lives/problems/work they just don't 'see'. Sometimes people are scared to say 'you've lost weight', weird I know! Any weightloss compliments are enjoyed & filed away for when I'm low! but there you go, though there can be a bit of jealousy too! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, enjoy your flowers & lot of cuddles from hubby! How many years is it? I don't get anything now, 8 years & two sons down the road! though he does overtime to pay for my CD, so it's ok!lol
ps I'm posting on CD returners threads now.
Hi Delli - That is awful behaviour from your friend! She should be supportive of you not the other way round!!! Is there any chance you could sit down and speak to her and find out exactly what is wrong??? If she is your oldest and best friend you really don't want to loose her freindship!

Slimforlive - Well done on getting back onto SS!!! It gives me hope! I am having a week "off" on holiday so aim to get straight back on the wagon when I get back... wish me luck!!! I have a gorgeous red dress that I want to buy from John Lewis... just don't know what size to buy... [ponder]

Saffron - Well done on getting the invitations out! :fyi: We sent ours out with (stamped) RSVP cards and still we had to chase people up as to whether they could make it or not! Good luck! Those 9 weeks will fly by!

Voodoo - Hi! Thanks for your message. I have really tried to give them the benefit of the doubt, but it is getting a bit silly now. I am nearly 3 stone down and people are commenting all the time. They know I am doing this diet and I have said to one of them that I have lost "a lot of weight" in one conversation or antoher but still nothing has been said. Thanks for your congratulations - it has been two wonderful years! We have been together for 6 of those. You sound like you got a goodun! Doing overtime for your diet - what a sweetie!

Well, today, I am doing great. Thinking I should have my first shake now but can't be bothered to walk to the fridge! :giggle::giggle:I went for my WI last night and had lost 6 1/2 lbs so my CDC was very chuffed!!! I update my ticker on my "morning after first wee weight" and I weigh myself every day! I know, I know, should not be weighing myself every day but it keeps me focused... if I loose it is a boost and if I stay the same it makes me determined to get some more off!

Would love to hear from Dyingtobeslim so she can make me jealous on how lovely the weather is out there in SA! Lucky beyatch!!! I am freezing today!!!

How are all the rest of you getting on??

Char xx
Weather in Cape Town and SS

Hi Char
Congratulations on your weight loss, you are doing great!!! I am in a really bad place mentally, since messing up over the weekend I can't get my head into gear, so decided that I will get over tomorrow when friends are here all day (well friend and two daughters) then will re-start on Friday as DH is flying to London until next Wednesday (it's easier when he's away) I've been beating myself all day - chatterbox going 90 to the dozen, BUT I know I can do this, I was feeling great and with all you guys on this site I am going to do it. Right, I've cleared my chest!

The weather today is absolutely lovely, about 23 degress, sun shining all day, my daughter is in her bikini (she's 4.5) and begging me to remove the safety net off the pool so that she can swim, but we'll be swimming all day tomorrow - hard work taking that net off - :) I am sending you some sunshine, we live in Somerset West which is about 40 minutes drive outside Cape Town on a golf estate called Erinvale, we're right by the Helderberg Mountains, really beautiful. We're going to have a braai;)tomorrow - I was contemplating cancelling - but DD looking forward to seeing her mates, so will be mentally preparing for Friday re-start. Will still weigh in on Tuesday though. Here we go. Sorry it's cold in England already. Did you feel the sunshine I sent :character00238::character00238::character00238::character00180::character00180:
Hi Dyingtobeslim!!!

Urgh!!! This is the third time I have nearly got to the end of the post and lost it on this stupid laptop! I keep doing something on the mouse pad... god knows what!!!

:thankyou:!!! I am very pleased with my weightloss! Another 5lbs and I will have 3 stone off! Can't believe I am sticking to it... I have been back on CD for 7 weeks now and loving it once again!

I know exactly where you are coming from. You really need to be in a right frame of mind to get back on track! And it does not help with that beyatch Chatterbox having her say!!!

I am sure it is easier with DH away! Nothing like watching them eat all those nice things (and sometimes not so nice things) and not being allowed any! I am not struggling with that this time, but if I find myself struggling I will have some cucumber or something to chew on and it has been fine. Not really found myself in that situation too much. I kinda flit between 790 & SS, I eat when I feel like it if I fancy something and don't if I am feeling fine and it really seems to work for me!

Does your DH work in London then? How long have you lived in SA for?

Tomorrow sounds like you are going to have a great day! The place where you live sounds gorgeous! I use to live in Johannesburg. I moved to England 10 years ago when I lost both my folks, my mum when I was 16 and my dad 6 months later when I was 17. I have never been back since. I do love Cape Town and hope to take DH there one day to visit.

Do they have CD in SA or are you following something else?

Bless your daughter! I remember the days when I lived there... the water would be freezing cold and we would literally turn blue with cold but we would be begging to get in the pool the minute the sun came out!

Afraid the sunshine you sent did not make it this far! I am absolutely freezing and have put on the central heating much to DH's dismay!

Let me know how you get on with your restart on Friday! Wishing you all the best with it!!!

Char xx


S: 20st5lb C: 20st5lb G: 10st10lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
What is it with men & the central heating???!!! I have to wait for hubby to go to work (1-9pm this week, yippee!) before switching it on!!lol We're not poor, in debt or anything but he's so stingy with switching it on! I'm freezing, don't know if it's ketosis kicking (day 3 of new start) in or just a very cold day. You're doing FAB, nearly 3 stone in 7 weeks!!! I'm green with envy!!lolxxxx
Good morning Char
Well, sun is shining, sky is blue - sorry not wanting to make you jealous or anything. Right, I am psyching up again, I subscribe to the Lighterlife magazine which I find so inspirational to read, read through two last night, got the water bottles lined up, weather forecast for tomorrow not good (Cape Town weather is dismal sometimes). Okay, about me, I am originally from Zimbabwe, I moved to London in 1984, my girlfriend and I went there for a six month working holiday and stayed forever:)I hated it at first then it grew on me. DH is also from Zimbabwe. He works for an International company so we travel alot with his job. Since 2000 when we married we have lived in Swizerland, Congo (DRC) yes, we lived there:), Kenya and we moved to SA in April 2006, we should be here unil end 2009. London is our base though, that is where our home is and where we plan to retire to, we have a home in Epsom, Surrey and I travel to the Uk about 3 times a year, DH has millions of air miles on BA so depending on time of year I can use those. I will be in London in November for one week - alone, DH is taking of DD so I can hang out and see my girlfriends who don't have kids. I used to work in the City - for Datastream, Lloyds Register of Shipping and before that Inchcape Shipping. I really miss working in London although I'm not complaining about being a lady of leisure:). I am doing Cambridge, I managed to find a CDC in Surrey and went to see her when I was down in August, I bought 8 weeks supply of shakes and soups (had tried it last year but was not in right frame of mind), came back with my suitcase full of CD boxes - I'm hoping I've not got too far out of my 8 week target, my girlfriend in London (Tufnell park) is also on CD so we motivate each other by sms, we're meeting in November to go to the Armani shop in New Bond Street to treat ourselves to size 12 jeans!!!! So roll on size 12!!! I am also running with the Run/Walk For Life club here and now do 7km 3 times a week, I was feeling great last week and actually find the running reduces my craving/appetite. Ice Moose did recommend that I watch myself, so back on wagon tomorrow. Phew that was a long one.

Sorry to hear that you lost both your parents, that is really sad. I too lost my parents, my mum when I was 11 and my dad when I was 27 (I'm old):):):)but don't feel it. Where do you work? Sound like you're a London babe:)

I can't wait to be boasting about my weight loss. I have a book called "My Big Fat Greek Diet" by a Greek doctor in the States who loses 250lbs by drinking shakes and travelling around the States watching baseball games whilst on his liquid diet, this book is great, it is like a bible for me, if you can get yourself a copy from Amazon do, it is really good. He also has a section called "The Seven Pillars of Weight Loss". Highly recommended.

Anyway Char, have a good day. Sorry you did'nt get the sunshine, plus when you're in ketosis it seems like we become more sensitive to cold.

Be good:cool:

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