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  1. maisie

    maisie Maisie


    just wondering if the chat room ever gets used ? or am i missing it ?

    Either that or your all hiding from me!:eek:

    Maisie x x
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  3. Pierce

    Pierce Administrator Staff Member

    The best thing to do is to organize a time on a day. Then people will meet up. Feel free to do so :)

  4. Nicolo

    Nicolo Big Daddy

    I've found ya

    Hi and good evening,
    I was looking around the site thinking the same as yourself, as i dont know really how to use this site yet, and was wondering if there was anybody out there. I was told to use the chat room or the chitter chatter link, so thats what i've been doing.
    Anyway hello, my names nick and i'm on my 4th day of the CD, suffering a bit, but all is well.
    Hope you get this if i've done the right thing.

  5. Pierce

    Pierce Administrator Staff Member


    Welcome to MiniMins!


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