I know i know i shouldnt really be asking this but if i really have to cheat u know when i get hungry and nothing is goin to help me, is there anything that i can eat that wont make too much of a difference and i dont spend two days guilt ridden before and do more damage!!

Any help is welcome, weigh in 2nd week is tonight and after having a terrible week im petrified!!!
This diet is best done straight, i know its hard but it can be done and it really is worth it. Eating anything is really only going to make the cravings and hunger pangs worse for longer. Some may say that if you are going to eat then stick to a small amount of lean chicken or other protein so you wont go out of ketosis but from experience i will say that that chicken isnt what i crave and id normally end up eating the chicken and what it was i wanted in the first place.
The hunger does go away, honest you just have to fight through it.
hang on in there xx
If you feel you HAVE to cheat then perhaps you should consider the 790 plan - then you'd be eating without the cloud of guilt that comes with 'cheating'.

From what I've heard, the difference in the weight loss rates is negligible if it's followed properly. Worth thinking about perhaps.
My advice - don't cheat. All you will be doing is playing mind tricks with yourself, and the end result is that you just make the diet more difficult for yourself.

If you do eat something and it has little or no effect, then next time you will just think "Ah well, I did it last time and it was okay" ..... then it will slowly become more regular, and so on and so on.

Just stick at it "neat". Best way.


Don't do it. This is your mind playing tricks and telling you what is a couple of bits, it is nothing, surely it will be ok.

Steve is absolutely right when he says that it will lead to other stuff.

It isn't easy I know, but believe me, you will feel very pleased with yourself if you get through this patch, without eating.

However, being practical, as you wrote your post yesterday, if you have eaten, accept it, don't let it play on your mind and just move on from it. Whatever happens, don't beat yourself up, as that leads to your brain telling you that you have failed so you might as well eat what you want.

The brain eh, cheeky little sod. :D
Yes the best advice I think is if you thnk you must must cheat have tried everything else first. You could up your plan to 790 or bring foreard your add a meal week, or just have an add a meal day. This would do any damage but it may cause you to wobble further. The thing is though if you do it this way it's not cheating it part of your plan. Which helps I think.

Good Luck.

Dizzy x