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Checking In - In case You Missed Me


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Just wanted to say hello, and it's been a lil while so time for an update.

Weight - 11.12 and I have rejoined WW.

I have been ill for a month with an ear infection, which spread to my throat, which infected my chest. 3 course of antibiotics later and I am still not well and feeling very low and poorly.

My hair loss has got worse since stopping cambridge, to the point that I can't wear my hair the same way as it has thinned too much on top and you can see my scalp, which is very scary and unattractive.

I don't really have much to say at the moment, other than my CD journey is finished for the time being. I need to concentrate on my health and get rid of the bacterial infection which has just attacked my immune system.

Wanted to say I miss chatting to you and I hope I can still pop in, but at the moment I am going to try and eat a healthy diet and see how I get on.

Special Hugs to LizzMB, Emma P and Caroline x
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Charley a big hug hunny yes i agree your health is way important chick, im in shock about your hair loss.!

But i reallyyy hope you are back on your feet really soon.!
I am also on ww and maintain i know u will be great and the weight will soon drop off soon.

Please take care of yourself.xxx shanny

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OOhhhhh good luck with WW. Sorry to hear you've been so sick hun. Hope you're feeling better soon.

I've noticed my hair is thin on top and I can too see my scalp and not loving it. My cousin noticed it even tho everyone else says im mad. Weird!

Keep us updated with how you're doing xxx
sorry to hear you have been so poorly, you have done so fantastic on CD and are so near your goal I am sure you will get there on WW very soon. I've read its what lots of people do when they have got near goal on CD and you have to do whats right for your health right now! good luck! xx
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Hello yes you have been missed!

Sorry about your hair! That's awful :(

Wish you good health now and more pounds lost!

Nice to see you again :)


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Sorry to hear you've been ill, that's no fun. I'm not on CD anymore either, but I'm still around here because the support still helps, so stick around if you can! :)


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S: 16st4lb C: 16st4lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 36.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hello. thanks so much for the replies x

I was suprised with the hair loss as I didn't lose any whilst on CD, it started when I came off and it is everywhere !!! I have beige carpets I I am hoovering everyday trying to get it up (and I have dark brown hair so it shows), it has made me very self concious.

With regards to my health, well I haven't been right since coming back from Paris, and think perhaps I picked up a bug there, or maybe on the plane ?

The pain from my ears, then throat, and then the couging - which has turned into brochitis has been awful, I have missed lots of work and occasions as I just feel so poorly.

I have visited the doctors 5 times in 2 weeks and taken 3 complete courses of antibiotics and still the infection rages on :(

I am going to see if things subside by the end of the week, if not I am going to ask for blood tests etc as having an immune system this low is awful.

My poor hubby has swine flu and I have warned him to stay away !!! I am also considering putting a red cross on our front door !

Anyways good to know I am still welcome, I have signed up for online ww and will let you know how I get on !!

I appreciate all your help and support xxxxxxxxxx


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Oh and just thought I would mention - after losing 3 stone my wedding ring was far too big...........I kept saying I will go and have it redone but I never seemed to have the time..............and today I lost it :(

Hve searched house and garden but I also popped out so could be anywhere :( Very sad, it wasn't really expensive but I am upset as obviously it was my wedding ring :(
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Oh no :( you poor thing I can understand how gutted you are
It might turn up yet
Have you checked kitchen areas / bathrooms? Mine fell off yesterday taking youngest out the bath slippery fingers just a thought x


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Oh hon i am so sorry your health is suffering and really think having your bloods done may be a good idea. OMG your wedding ring........i really hope you find it, i lost my engagement ring on hols this year and was inconsolable i thought the cleaner had pinched it then i found it when packing in the bikini drawer. I really hope it turns up and you start to feel better soon. Have you thought about trying Nourkin??? its a hair supplement that is meant to work i know Cheryl Baker took it as her hair went thin. Also there is an essential oil which is meant to help thought i do not know the name. I wonder if this is down to your immune system???

I really hope you feel better soon and thank you for becoming my Facebook friend too xxx


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Hi Charley,
How lovely to have you posting again hun! I had wondered where you had got to lovely :)
It sounds like you have not been having a good time with you being unwell, and your hubby. This swine flu seems to be lingering - I hope he is better very soon.
Poor you loosing your wedding band, I imagine you are pretty devastated. I hope it turns up soon. My rings are also very loose, and I have tied string around the back to stop them slipping off, but plan to have them re-sized once I am at goal. Hopefully within the next couple of months if I can remain ss'ing.
How is ww going? Clearly very well loosing 3 stone - well done angel :)
RE hairloss: I also suffered from this and got quite upset about it, my hairdresser recomended a fab hair loss shampoo - I actually bought the starter kit, and was so impressed I have continued to buy and use it. It may be worth having a go - Hair Loss advice and hair loss treatment: Free Hair loss advice from Rejuvx, the treatment for hair loss Good luck with it hun, try not to let it get you down too much, it will sort itself out soon enough. I believe zinc is also a good vitamin to take to help with hairloss - although I have to say I haven't tried this, purely because I haven't needed to with rejuvx shampoo!
Lovely to have you back hun, I look forward to hearing about your progress.
Big Hugs x x x


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Hello charley

Sorry to hear that you have been having a rough time with infections and now the hair loss. Best of luck following WW, which is also a good diet x


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Hi Charley - your whole journey is such a tremendous inspiration.
Sorry to hear you are having such a bad time lately.
I researched this subject with regards of the hair loss with CD and apparently it's been known for ppl to lose their hair once they stopped CD. Apparently it is to do with minerals and vitamins intake since all the shakes have been designed to deliver exact amount our body needs. Once we stop it seems that we are not getting enough or even close to what our body got used to while on CD hence the hair loss. My advice would be to get Multivitamins and Hair Nutritions pills and start taking them asap until you are back in balance.
Good luck with everything and hoping you'll find your wedding ring soon. All the best xxx


running strictly on fat!
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Oh Charley I am so sorry to hear of all your recent problems and wish you and you hubby good health.
I have been very close to losing my wedding rings a few times,am bit annoyed as I had them made bigger just before I started cd as well still never mind.

Do hope you feel better soon honey and is lovely to hear from you again.

Take care xxx


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Hey Charley, great to hear from you. I have also ended my journey on CD at this point, as i had a throat infection last week and its now on my chest.. so im into my 2nd set of antibiotics!!!... Taking multivits... and trying to include little bits of Vitamin C and some nuts into my days.. but am sticking to 1000 cals, which so far is working for me with only a gain in a week of 2lbs which im sure is down to some water retention, hopefully next week this will be gone and i will be on the road to some more shrinking.

If you ever just fancy a live messenger chat let me know and i will PM you my MSN address.

Take care and im sure you will feel better in no time...


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