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Cheese/Broccoli soup being withdrawn!

At WI chatting with cdc about soup flavours (i live on spicy tomato...mmmmm...!) Anyway she told me that the cheese and broccoli soup is being stopped by Cambridge, unsure of time frame. Just thought best warn all, just incase anyone actually does like the stuff. Personally, i hated it with a passion...xx
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loving life
I think that's why it's probably being withdrawn as most people think it's evil stuff lol but I'm sure there is the odd cambridge dieter out there who likes it and will be disappointed. I can't stand the Spicy tomato - yuk, so just goes to show what one person hates another loves.


loving life
Fab loses by the way Butterfly.
Yuk Yuk and Yuk only bought the 1 and had to pour it away,have never tasted anything so bad ever, good riddance cheese and broccoli! lol
Fab loses by the way Butterfly.
Cheers hun, in a mutual back slapping moment i'd like to point out that yours are fab! I have really worried about going up the plans and losses stopping but you're doing great on ss+, it helps to see others get such results- reduces my panic! xx
We need a new porridge flavour! I'm hoping for maple syrup flavour : )
I've got a fancy for a curry flavoured one........mmmmmm, having a foodie moment!
I dont mind the taste of the Cheese & Broccoli soup. But I stopped getting it as I drink my soup in my break at work and everyone complained about the smell!:giggle:
i love it :( but hate the tomato one. In fact c+b is only supassed by oriental chilli which i could drink every day.
I agree with the vast majority on this one, the soup is vile, ive tried it twice now and nothin i do makes it taste better :( same with the app&cin porridge too :(
i think i am just going to stick to a haand full of flavours, at least that way i know i like them
I should confess that I only have vanilla, or chocolate shakes. I sometimes make them into a mousse, but not very often.

I add ginger to the chocolate sometimes. and I make up the vanilla with sunshine orange water... (Cheesecake flavour!!) sometimes.

Mostly I drink them hot, but that's the limit of my choices. It's not that I mind most of the other flavours, but I just prefer these.

IMHO soup generally is the work of the devil! Porridge is a little like flavoured snot, and bars are there for dire emergencies!!;)


This will be my year
I've only tried C&B once and thought it was the food of the Devil :sign0137: L&P is my fave at present, but it depends what mood I'm in.

If there's anybody out there who works for CD, perhaps you could suggest to the company that they set up a tester panel of Minimins members :D
The PR people are on here, feel free to contact them...
All soups are bleugh!!!

Chocolate Tetras all the way - mmmmm. 21 a week please! :D
Ohhh thank god i hate that one, i have only just started and that was the first soup i had and was so scared that they were all going to taste that awful lol....

Currently drinkin a chocolate anc mint shake its lushhhhh

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