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Dont know about the slices being a HEx sorry, but for the cheddar its 1 syn per 20 calories.
Had 2 dairylea slices today, any chance one or both are healthy extra?

Also how many syns for 16g cheddar?

2 Dairylea light is a HEXB so only available on Green, but only the light, not the normal, and it's not an A choice.

nv's??? :confused:

Cheddar is 28g as a HEXA or as chun-ky said 1 syn per 20 calories so about 3 syns.
Nv's is nutritional values! So i cant work out the syns as i dont bave the calories!

I had 2 regular dairylea :( 3.5syns each. So even one isnt a hexa? Gutting! X
Well I cant see them on there but then it's so abysmally organised
it's quite heard to spot anything :confused: But tbh they allow 3 x 17.5g normal Dairylea triangles as a HEXA and they're not Light, so maybe I just can't spot it among the gazillion other things in no particular order :confused:

Can anyone else see it better than me?
You can find out the nutritional values of pretty much anything just by using google

Dairylea Nutrition, Dairylea Calories, Nutritional Facts | LIVESTRONG.COM
Indeed you can, but be careful with some of these things as the nutritional values of the products in the USA are often different to the UK ones (Kraft is not a UK company nor Dairylea a UK only brand). Tesco/Sainsbury websites are good for nutritional info too and definitely show the correct country variations.

I too have had a look down the healthy extra list - nothing mentioned about the Dairylea slices but 2 (any brand) cheese slices (20g each) count as a healthy extra A on green, but since Dairylea slices are 25g each, I'd say you could count them as a HEA but also add 1 syn (HEA = 6 syns and the Dairylea slices = 7 syns).

Hope that helps.

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