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Chef on a Diet

I'm on day 1 of CD,:) and I've had the day off. :p lol

I know that when i go back to kitchens it's goin to be really hard work. Specially as im a pastry chef and spend my weeks with desserts lol.

Has anyone got any wise words of encouragement to help me avoid failing because I REALLY want to shift this weight and although I feel as strong as anything at the moment, I worry that once I'm back in amoung the cakes etc I'll slip. Plus I know I'll have to taste what I make because thats the only way we know we're doing things right! But it' taste, not eat. lol.


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Other than keep gluging the water and remain focus I cant help.

Stay positive and keep thinking why you started this. Im sure that you can do it.

Good luck
:) thanks I'll try my hardest xxx
Oh that's hard!! I don't really have any advice for you except keep drinking water - if you're full of water maybe it'll stop you being tempted!

That, and chanting to yourself - None of this tastes as good as being slim will feel!

Better chant it to yourself though or your colleagues might give you funny looks!!

Good luck


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oh dearie me!! difficult!! I've never been any good at them but ever tried aversion therapy visualisations? It involves imagining the yummy thing, and then adding things to it.....horrible things to put you off it.

Apart from that.....I hope you have a stubborn streak!! I do........oh..and I have a chart and give my self stickers for each day I complete.:eek: Stickers work for me, I like the pattern I can make and it's upsetting breaking the nice pattern!!

Yes...I respond to things 5 year olds respond to. But it works for me.

I'd say work out a rewards system. A week is just too long to get through for me, hence the stickers. You could treat yourself to a face pack or a nice bubble bath or something small to reward yourself for doing so well in such hard situations.

The first week is the worst.....it really is so much easier when thats done. I get some weird pleasure from cooking for others when I'm well into the diet!!

good luck!!

Sorry this post is a bit odd and disjointed, I am writing my dissertation and my brain is a bit fried!!



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Can you ask someone else to taste them for you? Someone who will give you an honest opinion?

Tasting will only make you want more (if you're anything like me!) If you don't put them anywhere near your mouth, and see then just as 'work' then maybe you'll be less tempted to cheat?

Just a suggestion, good luck!
lol. LOVE the sticker idea, I too am entertained my the same cheap tricks as a five year old. ha ha. The imagining thing will be very hard as I'm supposed to remember everything that goes into what I make, lol, but I'll have a wack at it! REALLY don't want to go in this week, if i don't, i don't get my wopping £30 a week EMA, but then I've got 2 weeks easter holiday. So, if I don't go this week, ill be on my 4th week of the diet when I do go back lol. But I'll be skint...er ha. Plus this week is 'lady fun' week so I'm bound to crave more, right? lol. AAAH!! :eek:

I could ask someone else to taste things except on a thursday (the day I'm assessed on what I produce) at which point the head chef literally makes you taste things so you know what they should taste like. But one mouth full a week isn't as good as none lol. Thank you ! :D xxxx

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