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Cheryl Cole - argh

I am so p***ed off with Cheryl Cole. Fancy saying that at 9.5 stone she was big and depressed. I think she actually looked better at that weight. She looks like a little twig now.

No wonder people get eating disorders when this trash is reported and make Cheryl out to be some amazing woman!
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This year is my year....
Dont get me started on that Lollipop head, skeleton!!! Please!!!
she is very thin right now.. but i also think that weight can become a state of mind ifykwim.. she probably did feel overweight at that... its funny when weight turns into a 'feeling' as opposed to an actuality... I have felt very fat at my lowest weight, and thin at my highest ifykwim....
I think she does look malnourished at the moment and throwaway comments like that can cause alot of hurt in young ones if they look up to her.... she does seem pretty down to earth though, it must be hard when everything you say is published and probably twisted... ah well, she still has a face to die for tho!!
lol :8855:

i don't hate her, i thought she was sweet when she started the X factor. But now she is the current media darling she is starting to shoot her mouth off about everything!

I'd love to be 9.5 stone - but i know i wouldn't maintain at that weight! lol, well maybe i would, lets be positive tonight :eek:
I went to one of the live x factor shows and couldnt believe seeing the judges for real. Cheryl looks small on TV and in magazines but she is TINY - she looks so frail like she could break any minute! TV makes her look bigger than she is


Eloquent hooligan
Never ever rated her...

Nigella Lawson on the other hand makes me harder than Chinese algebra.... :D
pmsl - p**s myself laughing :)
No probs hun :)

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