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Chewing fresh parsley?

not sure to be honest but i ring lipotrim helpline if i have any questions, give them a try. Would be good if we could as it would help a little with the minging breath i have haha x
Yeh I will do Meggy, thanks. How good have you last 2 weeks been? Hope I have a similar success xxx
first week was really hard but after first weigh in i got spurred on and found it easier, although i dont think i will ever think this diet easy as such but for the results you get it is worth feeling a bit rubbish i reckon :)
Death breath hahaha thats what me fella calls me these days instead of darling lol x
i brush me teeth about 4 times a day n mouth wash when at work throughout day, i gona be slim with no teeth left at end of this lol x
I'm forever brushing my teeth too. I think the breath strips are good but only temporarily. I think they wear off fairly quick. I will ring them tomorrow and see xxx
yes i agree got breath strips but make me gag a bit and only last for 10 mins so gave over with them x
Hey guys, just rang Lipotrim and they said that chewing parsley isn't permitted :-( I did do it a couple of times last week (my first week) but won't be doing it anymore... xx
flipping spoil sports they are, it amazes me something simple like chewing parsley aint aloud :-( thanks for finding out x
flipping eck
I know, she didn't really give an explanation but just outright said it wasn't allowed. It's only a bloody leaf lol how can that be bad? Haha however I will do as I'm told... Xxx
I wonder if its because it would be quite strong tasting (Well maybe more flavourfull than strong) and part of LT is cleansing your pallette... maybe they think it will start you off craving!!! Hmmmmmmm interesting!!!
I reckon it's cause the act of chewing a flavour, as you say, would stimulate your saliva glands which would lead to increased gastric juices and then would have the potential to take you out of ketosis? But still, how could a tiny leaf be so damaging? Xxx

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