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chicken..what fat?


Violet is shrinking
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Im having dinner at my mums tomorrow. i dont eat or meat or fish,but lately i have been thinking about starting to eat chicken again to give my diet more variety.

so ive asked my mum to get a organic chicken,in case i do try it tomorrow..

i would only eat the chicken breast of the chicken,what would be the fat content? the chicken obviously roasted in the oven..wont be eating skin YUCK or anything but breast.
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According to myfitness pal...100g roast chicken breast, meat only, roasted, is 4g/100g fat.


Violet is shrinking
S: 25st0lb C: 18st6lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 42.9 Loss: 6st8lb(26.29%)
thanks Ali...i managed a bit of chicken, so i was happy,i felt awful about doing it,i tried not to think the happy egg advert while i ate it :(


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oh hun.... are you vegitaraian (cant spell) because you dont like the thought of cruelty?
how long have you been. (sorry.. please dont answer these if you dont want to :) )


Violet is shrinking
S: 25st0lb C: 18st6lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 42.9 Loss: 6st8lb(26.29%)
i'll answer hun, no worries..well...

ive never ate fish,i just cant bring myself to put it in my mouth..theres just something about it that makes me feel really icky,and fish are soooo ugly and it does me feel quite sick.

im the same with meat,i havent ate meat since i was little.i never decided to not eat because of the animals,but because i just dont like the taste of it,the texture and the smell...seeing a cut of beef or steak soesnt do it for me lol thats was when i was a lot younger though.

now,i understand that people eat meat, and that animals are killed for that, its kinda upsetting but, they are killed in humane ways,and it doesnt hurt them so i cant see the cruelty there BUT....

i really dont agree with animals that are kept in awful conditions while they mature for slaughter.
if i buy eggs,i buy the organic,free range i cant buy an egg that i know came from some place where that hen was stuck in some cage or in a barn,cramped with no light and walking around in its own muck :(:(
i feel the same about cows etc...as long as they are kept in happy conditions and can lead a natural life until slaughter thats fine with me.

i just find that my diet is limited without eating some kind of meat..i could never, ever bring myself to eat meat like beef, steaks,pork etc...but i remembered i did used to have a bit of chicken,that didnt make me feel ill when eating it, so i decided that maybe i should try to eat a bit of chicken..i like quorn,but its quite high in calories and some of it is soooo high in fat :eek::eek:

i havent had any chicken since the weekend,i had a bit and it wasnt too bad, so i may try to get some into my diet in the week, only brest though..cant eat the dark meat *shudders*


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