Chinese: Chop Suey


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It says in the book that a chicken chop suey (with noodles) is 9 syns on a red day & 5.5 syns on a green day.
Why have they included noodles in a chop suey, wouldn't it them become a chow mein?! Anyway; does anyone know what a normal chop suey would be? All the ingreedients (bean sprout, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, carrot, chicken) except oil and sauce would be free on a red day.

I love chinese and i'm trying to figure out a menu that won't break the Syn bank! I figure some sauce free (my local does some in a chili and garlic dressing) ribs would go down nicely too! Not forgetting to count Syn in the dressing:p

PS i don't intend eating chinese on a regular basis!!
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I suppose it would but can't offer any advice I'm afraid. Why not phone up the syn helpline and see what they say?


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I have beef mushrooms and white rice. Beef mushrooms has your 1/3 superfree (mushrooms and most places put onions and thinly sliced carrot in it)

i think it's something like 4.5 syns per 350g of meal and your white boiled rice is free. I ask the chef to cook it without oil and they will happily do that for you. I still count the syns as 4.5 per 350g. The meal I get is normally around the 500g mark.

I have also been known to get chicken foo yung and ask for a very small amount of oil to be used, not have any syns at all that day and still have a loss.

Hope this helps with your Chinese dilemma.


Yummy mummy to be!
S: 12st3lb C: 11st1lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 1st2lb(9.36%)
thanks very much for the replies! It's nice to know we can still have chinese w/o breaking the Syn bank!