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Chinese Takeaway



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If i was forced by my OH to get one i would definitely opt for egg foo yung.. i mean we're allowed 2-3 eggs a week so go on :)

Otherwise i'd suggest something with prawns rather that chicken/beef/pork as its less in calories, but if it was me i think id get chicken chop suey without rice :)

any meal without rice just avoid the battered chicken/pork meals like sweet and sour.. or the ones full of sugar like satay or yellow bean :)

spare ribs, lemon chicken or tiger prawns id go for
Thanks guys :)
would curry sauce be ok? or is that a no no?!
not sure to be honest but if its a one of cant see it doing you too much harm not much help am i lol


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i think curry would be ok...

i mean come on its one night! wont upset the applecart dont worry :)

if youre really concerned just drink as much water tomorrow and flush out your system and have a 100% day :)
thanks girls, i know your right one night wont hurt but you know what us dieters get like! :)
Well I had king prawn foo young with curry sauce and it was yummy :) And a added bonus....I was full half way through so only ate half of it! Usualy I'm one of those that keeps on eating til her plate is empty even if i'm full so feel really good that I felt able to actualy leave food on my plate when i had had enough :)
well done i had spare ribs and they were yum lol


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Mmmmm girls all sounds so yummmmmmmy!

Bet you feel fab knowing youre tummy's shrunk! :D
I do its a fab feelin :)

Just noticed your mood is set to sad Rae whats up? Hope you're ok hun x


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ooo no im fine really, just had a bit of a bad week as my nan went into a hospice on tuesday then on thursday we were told she's detoriorating rapidly so she's expected to pass away in the next few hours or maybe a couple of days max, but its just a lot to deal with along with my uni exams, bad timings really but im ok :)
ah sorry to hear that hun :(

Sounds like you've got a lot on your plate and these things always seem to come at once dont they. I've nearly finished my degree so thankfully exams are behind me but i remember them well! Its so hard trying to concentrate when you have other things on your mind especialy when its something like whats happening with your nan. Just remeber not to put to much pressure on yourself hun and i am sure you will do fine :) x

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