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Chocolate Dilemma


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I have a date on Sunday (a 2nd date - first time in ages I've got past a 1st date!).

During texts this evening he slipped in a question about chocolates so I have a feeling there could be a box featuring somewhere.

So, do I accept them gracefully and at some point mention I'm on a diet or just don't bother to mention it and assume that - like most men - a gift like that will be a once off!! ?

Can't you just tell how long it is since I've done this sort of thing!
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Oh, how wonderfully exciting (the date, not necessarily the chocolate lol!)

Like others, I would say thank you and mention it later ...

have fun ;)


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Accept them.. and i'll pm you my address.. lol..!! just kidding..

accept them then put fairy liquid on them when you get home so you arent tmpted.. unless they're thorntons.. or lindt.. then eat them.. lol!!
x x
Ooooh la la ;) lol Accept them gracefully.....but as you say, step away from them when alone and throw a grenade at them :D

Anyway, a date? What's a date? :8855:


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Suepat, a date? After what seems like a million years I am back on the dating game too!


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yes, I agree. Accept the gift but I wouldn't mention the diet until the third or fourth date as you don't want embarrass him after he's given you some chocs.
I'd accept them too :) It's a lot less embarassing! I second covering them in Fairy Liquid! haha :D

Most importantly - have a lovely time on your date! :)
have as lovely time hun.xx

i would probably accept the chocs and probably eat a couple of chocs then bin them.xx or if im really strong give the unopened box away, im not sure i could bin an unopened box, what a waste.lol


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Hi hun, i agree with others, don't tell him you are on a diet and accept the chocolates. Eat some syns worth then share them out with family members or something later. Hope you enjoy your date xx


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Accept them graciously, as it is a nice thought. Simple and traditional... sweet. He doesn't have to know if you ate them or not. Nor does he need to know you're trying to lose weight. Then decide what you want to do with them. Look up the syn values... I think Roses are like 2-3 syns each or something, can't remember. But look them up and then maybe ration them out in your syns - one or two with a cup of tea and savour them. Or... give the whole box to a neighbour... or invite a few friends round for a coffee morning and put the box out for all to enjoy :)
Witty woo! Check you out on your date!!

Definitely accept them. It's a lovely, generous gesture. If you can't be trusted with the box in the house, either give them away (he doesn't need to know) or as Minders suggests, open them when you've got a few people over. I'm sure they'd disappear quickly. People at my office quite often bring choccies or whatever in from home that they don't want to eat all themselves. We all enjoy helping them out!

Have a lovely time - hope it goes well x

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