Christmas Pudding recipe???


I STILL mean it!
I know this is totally off topic, but the wonderful people at minimins usually have the answers to all my questions. Can anyone recommend a really yummy Christmas Pudding recipe? There are so many about, I don't know which to choose. My grand daughter wants to make one with me!! (and yes I know we've left it late, but never mind)
Ann x
Delia Smith's one on her website which is Delia Online is excellent. I make it every year. Good luck!
Thanks I've made the pudding now. Had to buy rum, barley wine and stout for it though! Managed to get a miniature rum, but it took visits to several shops to find one that would sell me one bottle of stout, and one of barley wine. All the big shops will only sell you 4 at a time!
Will have to make some mincemeat now to use up all the stuff I've bought specially - the ingredients seem to be similar.
Good Luck, My mum has a fab microwave receipie for xmas pud, let me know if you want it x