Right here it goes again (attempt three)

I am about and my family is all well
I have a raging toothache (but dont want that close contact with anyone
the pain is as always affecting my mood and I am terribly depressed (the staying in bed not being able move degree of depression
I will be back in a few days when this lifts

if anyone wants me for anything (I cant see that happening) but if you need a pat on the back commiserations of a good kick up the backside message me it will be emailed to me

Keep up the good work ladies and sorry I can be here xxx
OK still mentally very delicate and I am very lonely
might drive my DH to the supermarket tomorrow he wont let me go in as I have very minor breathing problems we also need to check the neighbour tomorrow before we go
we phone them the night before we go and they leave a list on their door step we deliver shopping knock the door and walk away (they are elderly) then when they see the shopping receipt they put the money by in an envelope for the next time - all sorted

I have been eating well as this weeks loss shows

I have missed you all and your support

still got tooth ache and I am still not going to the dentist - he wont want me breathing in his face anymore than I want him to breathe into mine

Hope you are all doing well I will be poppong into your diaries over the next few days all the news etc on the TV radio and on the net is really not condusive to mental healing

Have any of you tried mindfulness when eating I am sure it helps me to know if I am hungry or not or just clearing my plate

so will be back to putting food on here tomorrow well later today
I know a couple of people that used mindfulness when eating and it worked for them. One lost a few stone by doing it but then stopped and the weight went back on. I think the right portion sizes is the way to go along with keeping check on the calories your eating.

I live in Somerset and most of the dentist here aren't seeing anyone. Someone had to go to Birmingham with raging toothache to have her tooth out. It costs her but she just wanted to be pain free.
thanks Mary portion size under control - I use a breakfast plate so its about 3/4 size more like my parents used
I just find it means I know when I am satiated rather than stuffed I am hoping over time I can learn that sweet point

what crafts do yu do I do knitting spinning art lots of other fibre arts and come special occasions I do make cards but not often I have a box with enough for the year in and bulk batch them for christmas
I also love cooking
I like knitting,sewing and card making. I did start learning to crochet but stopped for some reason. I need to start again.

I love baking cakes etc but then end up eating too many of them as it's only me and OH here... I will occasionally bake some as a treat.