Christmas Rituals.


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When my boys were little (back in the mists of time!) they used to wake up so early I remember Christmas Day as a heavy feeling behind the eyes! The record was them going to sleep at 12.30 am and waking up at 10 past 1 :eek:. To combat this, we started having Bucks fizz and bacon butties for breakfast, we still do this now.
And I always watch Love Actually on Christmas eve. (I didn't watch it last weekend cos it would have spoiled it)

Does anyone else have their rituals?
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Happy Holidays

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Our daughter (now 17) usually a late sleeper always gets up early on Christmas day anywhere between 5.30-6.30. She will open her stocking first, wake up her brother (19) so he opens his stocking then we all go downstairs together to see 'if he's been'.

We still get pressies & a stocking from Santa, not mum & dad!

Other than that just the usual stuff, always turkey lunch, christmas pud for afters, nothing exciting. We always go for a drink Christmas day.


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We have all the usual ones, one i invented myself was that santa puts choccies on our tree when he comes on christmas eve-that way there are still some there on christmas day.

We always do pressies downstairs as my eldest was quite ( still is actually) a nervy child and we didnt think she would react well to the idea of a strange man going into her room at night !!

And i only buy reall butter from the start of christmas week til new year


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My children always used to leave a mince pie and a glass of sherry for Santa and a carrot for Rudolf before they went to bed on Christmas Eve, and I still do it now, my DH drinks the sherry and eats the mince pie, but the carrot is chopped up for Christmas dinner, LOL......

We also love to watch 'National Lampoons Christmas Vacation' every Christmas Day, we have the DVD, and it still makes us laugh every year.

DH and I are on our own this year as our grown up children are doing their own thing this year - but my dog Chloe (who is 20 months old) will have a stocking hung up ready for Christmas morning.

We always have boiled eggs for Christmas morning breakfast, made even nicer now as we keep 6 chickens....


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We don't have any Christmas rituals as this is my OH and I's first Christmas together but he was saying the other day that he would like to have some.

From what I can gather it will mostly revolve around his parents coming here for Christmas dinner and him and his dad popping down the pub for a pint at lunchtime before coming back for lunch.

I don't mind that as his ex-wife and his parents didn't get on so for over 10 years he never saw them on Christmas Day. He'd take his children to see his parents on Boxing Day but was always made to feel very guilty about it. Until now his role at Christmas has been to earn the money to pay for everything and then pushed to the side once his 'job was done' so hopefully now he can have some good ones!


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We always go to my friends Xmas eve, have a few drinks and a pizza. Then she reads the kids the night before xmas story. At 11.30, we come home, put the kids in bed and construct whatever needs constructing (a bike this year). We wake the kids up at 6ish, open a few presents before getting some breakfast. We put their 'main' present out of sight until after breakfast, so they always think santa has forgotten it >.<


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We have a new one this year - I have brought everyone new PJ's and wrapped them under the tree. Tonight at our 'party' everyone can open 1 presi and trott offto have a shower with fresh new PJ's.

Appart from that all normal stuff - the night befor christmas is to be read (with expression! -drama teacher!!) all 3 children are old enough to read a bit this year.

Stockings will be hung and NO ONE is alowed to wake Mummy and Daddy till after 7.30 when the big children will have made coffee/tea hot chocolate and we all open our stockings together. FC only comes to children in my house so I do the grown ups stockings. Other presents are from the family and are under the tree.

I am off to watch my son in a carol concert later today then I will feel really christmasy cause at the moment I am working!! wink wink


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Hi Guys Christmas update - my eldest (14) just said to me yesterday that she really liked the way we had gone out of our way to make Christmas special for them all this year. It made 2 months worth of planning and shopping worthe while.


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Well this year I did no rituals. I basically went down the pub and woke up 1pm. I feel like Ive wasted a christmas day. But then I havent drunk loads and eaten loads. i can blame the diet.


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Brandy Snaps and spray cream!!

Also, i have to have a bath and use all the new smellies i will have got. This year ive got more Soap and Glory products than boots itself!


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I have always read "The night before Christmas" which has moving parts to it, to my children and still do, even though the eldest is nearly 20 and they still fight over who is going to turn the wheel or lift the flap lol. We also have an open house on Christmas eve with turkey and stuffing batches for anyone who turns up.