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my favorite time of year is almost here,woohoo. cant believe im gona be thin this xmas as last xmas i was pretty big, had to wear size 18 jeans out as none of my dresses fit me on new yrs eve. not this yr though.

just spend the last hour wrapping presents up. almost got everything now, just need cards and a few bits and bobs. oh and the girls bikes but will get them a few days b4 xmas so less chance of them seeing them.

only thing i wana be shopping for in december is clothes cuz i'll be goal then.

im so excited, more than the kids i think.
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Ahhhhh i am the same Jenny. This will be my first 'skinny' christmas in 5 years! Cant believe it!

Ive got a couple presents already but after my weekend away in nov i am going in head first in the buying pressies department! :giggle:

10weeks today untill xmas eve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
wow only 10 wks, cant wait! this yr has gone so quick.
how long u got left now tanya? 2/3 wks? u excited bout finishing? god i cant wait.
x x
how can you have already bought presents haha! Its not even halloween yet! God i wish i cud go start buying presents but it wud totally feel weird, Im looking forward to buying clothes i hate buying christmas clothes so stopped a few years ago im definitely bringing back that tradition.


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
wow only 10 wks, cant wait! this yr has gone so quick.
how long u got left now tanya? 2/3 wks? u excited bout finishing? god i cant wait.
x x
I know! Its mad isnt it! Cant believe how fast its gone either!!

I've 2 weeks 3 days left! aaahhhh I wrote up my refeed menu last night - basically exactly the same as last time around.

Im excited but nervous as im keeping my fingers crossed i will have less than 10lbs to lose on my own - anymore and ill be a little :mad::sigh: lol x
me to huni, i started shopping today..i thought that was good going!! Wow your doing so well with the shopping (and weight loss of course). I do have lots of family birthdays between Oct - Dec which i tend to focus on more for buying pressies!
Oh the excitement, hope you've got lots of parties and nights out to wear all your gorgeous new clothes to....do you go out in Birmingham??
OMG, I am SO excited about Christmas! I spent a good few hours yesterday copying all our Christmas albums onto my laptop & singing 'I wish it could be Christmas everyday' at the top of my voice. I'm tragic ;-)

I'm very impressed that you've got your shopping done & wrapped! The most I've done is make a list of what I'm buying everyone & I was really proud of that, haha.

I've got my eyes peeled for the perfect Christmas dress, am yet to find it, but, am so excited about the prospect of going shopping just before Christmas & picking up something that I'm going to feel incredible in! Normally I dread the dressing up periods of the year as it just seems so much worse - I too generally do the jeans & a dressy top thing. Not this year! So exciting! Yay!!!

oh my god i can't WAIT!!! :smiley1842: i love christmas sooo much and i'll be at my slimmest at christmas since i was about 13!! (24 now!)

i cant believe you finished your xmas shopping jenny! i'm so jealous! i can never think what to get eveyone, and i hate buying presents for the sake of buying presents adn only ever want to get someone a gift that they're going to open and squeal with excitment! makes life tricky that does!

right i'm making lists this weekend and get paid on the 30th so that shall be my first xmas shopping trip i think!!

i vote we set up a thread in december and post pictures of everyone in their party dresses. :D



A little of everything!
i vote we set up a thread in december and post pictures of everyone in their party dresses. :D

Seconded!! Especially if I fit perfectly into my size 12 satin pencil skirt & bustier! LOL! (still have a bit of a muffin top!) But I have an Oasis dress on standby too...:p:)
I really cant believe its only 10 weeks til christmas!!! :26: haven't bought a thing i am the most unorganised person on the planet lol!! and now you mention it i will be the slimmest i have been for 10 years this christmas hadn't thought of it like that??? this diet is fantastic how good are we all gonna look :0clapper:!!!
Well, I'm not in the 'skinniest christmas' club yet but hoping!!

I LURVE christmas!! My hubby bans me from playing chritmas songs before mid Nov and I'm only allowed to decorate on Dec 1st.
This year will be amazing though - my babies first Christmas!! She won't know what the hell was going on but I'll enjoy it!

I'll be so happy too if I could drop even 3 stone by December - then it will be my skinniest for years!! x
Absolutely love love love Christmas! I'm a Christmas ho. I love everything about it! My house ends up like a grotto! I love buying people presents and watching their little faces when they open them. I've started buying. Bought 2 bicycles, some games, a load of stuff from ELC and a wii. I like buying stocking fillers the best. I try to leave them until the middle of December, as I love the atmosphere of shops.

I don't know what weight I'll be for Christmas. I'll probably still have the body dismorphia thing going on, so I'll still feel like a chubby monster! But I'm all up for the lovely Christmas outfit pic post!
you're waaaaaaaaaaaaay too organised girl!

Know what you mean tho- I get crazy excited about Christmas. Definitely my fave time of year! YEY for you getting to wear your dresses. I'll be shoe-horning myself into some for the the party season too!



A little of everything!
I've got all the kids (mine & various nieces/nephews/friends) all sorted! Started the Hubby yesterday, but know what I'm getting- just need to spread the cost a little!
I can't wait to get all glammed up in my new skinny clothes! LOL!
sarahlou thats a great idea about starting a thread of us all looking great in our xmas dresses.

x x

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