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I will do this!!!
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I'm planning on re-feeding 2 weeks before xmas, then staying on the maint packs over xmas where possible (obvs not xmas day)... I'm wanting to get on back on the tfr about the 2ndish Jan x x x
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Hi Pizzle.. I am planning on starting a refeed 6 December so i can have a normal Xmas (but hopefully with a bit more self control than normal!)

I am then planning on coming back to TFR in the New Year to finish off x x
I am planning refeed the week before, then to lose my remaining weight on atkins after xmas. I told myself I will do this until xmas, just so this journey didnt feel so daunting.

However, I may change my mind depending on how I feel :)


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Auragh!!!! Im batteling to stay on it week to week so now way i could think as far ahead as christmas. Im afraid ill just have to wait and play it by year if i can manage to get that far!!! but no way will i be on it for all of christmas, whiether id refeed or just have some food on christmas day i dont know but i think ya have to allow yourself something on christmas day cos i know i would resent the diet if i didnt.


Doing it exante style :)
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Ok, so im showing off a bit here but.......!

Im GONNA be at my goal in 7 or 8 weeks so i WILL be having a christmas day pig out! Yes pig out!! But i will be making sure its only for 1 day :) Then back to sensibe eating and lots of exercise ;) x
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Hi pizzle84

:109:Aaaaah...the dreaded Crimbo...not for the feasting reasons, just...bah humbug, spend, spend...noooo!
Well, I shall be have a splendid chocolate milkshake with a twirly straw.
No going off plan, no, no! I plan this time to get to my EXACT weight before I go off LT. Didn't do that the last time hence having to come back (weight all back) and starting again...ugh!
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I am going on re-feed on the 10th December 2 weeks before crimbo. I am not sure how far from goal i might be. If I am not at goal I will be back on TFR in New year to get me to goal.
Going to refeed before xmas, i just cant miss out on xmas dinner its too depressing and most likely will return to LT after new years but just gonna see how it goes :)
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I'm toying with the idea of staying 100% for christmas (says the girl on day 3 who feel invincible).

I'm also going to be 100% on my birthday which is a saturday and my son will be away so I'm expected to proide that weeks night out reason - haved to break it to my team at work that I will be able to remember every gorey detail of their drunken night out. Well thats the plan - I do keep having daydreams about coming off for the friday and saturday, but not planning to - its only the 24th october so barely enough time to loose, refeed drink, and start again - danger would be I would just give up


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I've spent far to many of my Christmas' on some sort of diet or another (one of those on Lighter Life) and heck I'm still fat! I promised myself a few years back I would never diet through another Christmas again. So, my plan is to refeed 2 weeks before, enjoy a sensible Christmas with everything in moderation, but definitely not depriving myself, and then either get back onto Lipotrim come New Year or rejoin Slimming World. I suspect it will end up being Slimming World as I doubt at the lower weight I will be come end of the year, I will feel desperate enough about things to do such a drastic diet, and it's unlikely I'd be able to get back onto the diet properly and that would ultimately then lead to complete failure and no doubt regain after messing about for X amount of weeks/months.

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Hello, I've been thinking about this lately too and I've decided I'm going to be staying on TFR and just having my xmas dinner with my family as that's the main part of xmas for me (along with the tree!) but I will be following the guide my nurse gave me - lean protein, so a couple of slices of skinless turkey and only veg that grow above the ground, so brussels, cabbage etc.. and that'll be it, no gravy or sauces etc.

Although for my xmas treat i may have a small spoonful of bread sauce that my hubbys mum makes for us every year - it won't kill me for just the one meal to have a very little amount of carbs from the bread! lol :D

It'll basically be an Atkins Diet kind of meal which should keep me in ketosis as i'm not really bothered about the rest of the meals. I don't like xmas cake or pudding either. :jelous:

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I am going on re-feed on the 10th December 2 weeks before crimbo. I am not sure how far from goal i might be. If I am not at goal I will be back on TFR in New year to get me to goal.

Same as this :D


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Doesn't anybody else find that they don't actually eat much Christmas dinner as they're so fed up of the sight of food after shopping for it all, preparing it and getting it to the table? I usually cook for about 10 and very rarely enjoy my lunch! This year though I will be on crutches so my mother in law is going to come and stay and do the cooking......not sure about having her in my kitchen as she tends to take over! It's also bloody difficult to get the in-laws to go home again even though they only live about 10 miles away!

I have to refeed for my operation on 2nd December so am in a bit of a quandary as to what I'm going to do.......if I didn't have the op I think that I might have made it to target but don't think that I can have a major op and stick to LT......has anybody on here tried to do that?
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Oh i cant wait for Xmas!!!! I dont mind eating sensibly for three days xmas stephens and one other but im not going to stay dry.

What drinks are low carb? I am usually a wine drinker. Now i know hangovers are dangerous for me as i tend to eat like a horse but im just going to have to be careful but theres no way im not drinking all xmas.

Any advice????
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Are you going to refeed before Xmas newlife?

It might be worth doing a refeed before (to minimise any weight gain) and introduce alcohol in a limited way.. I really am not sure how it works, but i know you can't go back to eating straight away, and i think there is some sort of danger attached to drinking whilst in ketosis...

Someone clever will be along soon to tell you.. If not, it might be worth starting a thread about alcohol hun x xx


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im so glad i joined this forum... i didnt no what i was going to do for xmas.. but i def think i will do the refeed before xmas and go back after new years.. i no i will go back cause i really want to lose all my weight as i cant remember not being overweight..


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I'm hoping to have reached goal about a month before Christmas, so will be on the slippery slope that is maintenance. Throughout December and January I'm hoping to do 2 sachets and 1 low-carb meal a day, so for Christmas it'll still be no alcohol, no potatoes, but I will allow myself plenty of meat and veg. The only truly naughty thing I may treat myself to (on Christmas day ONLY) is a small portion of Christmas pudding. Then it's back to the 2 sachets/1 low-carb meal from Boxing day onwards!

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