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City Girl - Update

So - I dont know if anyone got this as well or is just me being a freak of nature but when I put on weight I snore - so now that I put on 2 stones - I am border line freaking out! I am single - but come on! How am I ever not going to single if I sound like a truck driver (no offence to any truck drivers!) when I sleep?!
Anyway - I have now lost 5 pounds which i 15% of my target weiught lost (30 pounds) so I am hoping that by the time Mr Right Appears (or for any of you who read my food diary last week Mr Sporty Guy from work!) I will be ok!!

So food - this weekend was hard - I had to go to afamily function and my ex-hub was there, we (him and I) are in ok terms - but not everyone else, which would have normally sent me to the bar - but no I had 4 glasses of bubbly which for me is an amazing amount of selfcontrol - although not as fun.
I have also discovered these amazing meals:
Chicken and Chips - I just add lemon juice and stolk cube disolve in a bit of water, salt, pepper and in the oven for 1hr and is amazing - just remove the fat :) chips are SW chips :) really easy with a big salad!! No one complained! :)

Also - I am LOVING cous cous - cous cous with salad is my new work lunch and ofcourse LOTS of fruit.

I have been doing about 40mnts of cardio 5x week so I am HUNGRY in the mornings ... I am really hoping to go for 2 pounds weight lost this Thursday :)
BUT >>>> I have a date .... with a fancy lawyer in a very posh cocktail bar on Wed night (my WI is Thursday!!) so I am will have to be v carefull! I am not sure what is the best course of action wine or G+T light? If he is drinking wine I will go for the G+T as I dont want to go for a bottle because I will have no way to know how much am I drinking!

Anyway! I will update you on my weight lost - OH! after 5 pounds lost I can now walk in one of the 5 jeans which I couldnt get into!!! woohoooo! That made me very happy!:) I have jeans again!

I am in love with weatabix + skimmed milk and sweetner I think I dream about it!!! :) is the perfect breakfast!
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