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ClaireCat: trials and tribulations


On a mission for boobs!
Ok.... Jim recommended I start a diary, just incase I'm on a cheeky wee carb creep. I'm going to try to remember to keep tabs of my food here.

Oh, and I use milk in my tea (have to, cant help it) and until I actually measure how much milk I put in it, 1g is a total guesstimation!


B/L: Fry up. 3 Gluten free lorne (4.5g), 2 bacon, 2 eggs
D: Rump steak with half a grilled courgette (2g) and home made coleslaw (4g).
S: Pork Scratchings (1g)

W: 3 cups of tea with milk (3g), pepsi max

Total carbs today 14.5g - give or take! lol! The night is not over yet! :D
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On a mission for boobs!
Thanks! Its actually a good idea for me - I thought I'd eaten much more carbs than that yesterday :)


This is for life
Good plan to start a diary - hope it helps;)


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Hi Claire. I think it was a good idea to start the diary. With my food Ive been putting it in to my fitness pal to count the carbs for me. Just an idea incase it helps. Hope you are having a good day x


On a mission for boobs!
Doesnt the my fitness pal thingy count carbs in eggs etc? I might give it a bash and see. Whats the worst that can happen?! lol!


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Yes it does count eggs, but at least it helps with the more unusual things you might like to try. It has certainly put me off a lot of the naughty foods :)


Rebel without a calorie
It's really making me focus. I put every morsel in it. It counts 2 eggs as 1c and setting it up for Atkins is a bit tricky cos unless I'm doing something wrong you have to find a % of calories that gives you the correct number of grams of carbs.


On a mission for boobs!
God, all I can think about today is chocolate, cakes, popcorn, biscuits and crisps!!!!

And cigarettes.


On a mission for boobs!
I did not have any of the above yesterday, although I could just have devoured some chocolate digestives with copious amounts of coffee without even thinking about it. I must have more willpower than I thought!

Yesterday I had (cuz i couldnt be arsed):

B/L: almond/flax pannini with bacon and brie (4g)
D: almond/flax panini with chicken & bacon mayo with spring onions (6g)
W: 3 or 4 cups of tea (4g), jim beam & pepsi max.

Total: 14g carbs.

I know, I know... not enough greens, not enough water. But hey, no chocolate, what more do you want?!?!! :p


On a mission for boobs!
Well, I had a total downer yesterday but didnt eat anything carby, which was good going for me. Still craving sweet stuff today. Nearly stole a tea cake out of a collegues hand at work today - they're my absolute favourite!

Today has been miserable and I accidentally ended up in the takeaway on my way home. I think I eat too many take aways, but I really didnt feel like cooking tonight.

B: Soya yogurt (2.5g)
L: Chicken/Bacon mayo with salad (4g)
D: Half a mixed kebab with garlic mayo (carb wise...no idea. Lets just say 10 for arguements sake! lol!)

W: Tea (5g), one coffee (2.5g), water and diet coke.

Really want to eat crap tho, and the only thing I could eat is an atkins bar, but it will ruin my weight-in on Thursday because I'm testing the "atkins bars stalling me" theory.

*sigh* I did a wee low carb shopping today too. Ordered some biscuits, pitta bread, maple syrup and some other bits and bobs. Hopefully I will have that by the weekend. I need a biscuit.


This is for life
Hang in there claire - we're all rooting for you. Keep on the straight and narrow;)


On a mission for boobs!
Thanks Katie! I think if I just winge about it in my diary, I dont actually do it irl!

I'm sorry for the whining tho!


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Whine away- it's good writing it down as, like you said, you don't do it then!


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I think you did incredibly well today Claire, and well done for resisting all the bad stuff you could have got in the takeaway!

And if we didn't whinge here the rest of us would think something was wrong IYSWIM lol :)


On a mission for boobs!
Thanks. Although, I think I've taken my need to eat crap and turned it into eating takeaways - as close to crap as I can get without really being illegal! lol!

B: Soya yogurt (2.5g)
L: Left over mixed kebab and salad (who knows....5g?)
D: Sadly, more donnor meat with salad and cheese (5g?)
S: Sf Jelly (0.4g), peanuts (5g) some pork scratchings (0.5g)

W: Tea (3g), half a litre of water, diet coke.

*sigh* I think I will not lose anything with the amount of takeaway food I eat. Have to stop it. Have to.


On a mission for boobs!
Ok, I shouldn't have, but I did anyway... Its wi tomorrow, but I stood on the scales this morning, as you do, just to check...

Looks like I've put a 1lb on. Not touched a single atkins bar. So now I'm thinking, perhaps the donner meat is more carby than I think? Or it might be the cheese? Or maybe I'm not drinking enough water... or too many cups of tea.

I dont know. I'm confused. It'll be 3 weeks of a stall tomorrow if I dont miraculously lose weight by tomorrow.



On a mission for boobs!
It has occurred to me, that the last 3 weeks I've not had one bad day or meal. I've kept within my carb allowance, and not eaten anything illegal.

Before I was having an illegal day once every two weeks and I was losing.

I'm confused and disheartened. Should I be having a carb fest every now and again to keep my body working?!?!?!