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Clairejen - When's your first weigh in?

Hi Anja, thanks for asking, I was just coming on here to post them. Officially started last Saturday at 10st4.75lbs, this morning I was 10st2.25lbs, so that's 2.5lbs for my first week, I'm happy with that. It doesn't sound like the usual higher first week losses because I was carb cycling before this. Losses were OK but I hated the regime and decided that if I had to eat less I was at least going to eat things I wanted. I had an increase yesterday after an UD, today I've lost a bit of it, but I'm sure I haven't been drinking enough.

I'm really happy with the JUDDD system, so long as I lose a pound or two a week I am content to eat like this. I am definitely going to use it for maintaining afterwards too. My goal is 9st7lbs or thereabouts, maybe six weeks of dieting, although I go on holiday soon so that will drag it out a bit longer.
Weigh in for second week at 10st 1lb. So my losses so far looks like this:

Week 1 2.5lbs
Week 2 1.25lbs

I suspect I'll have a very low loss this coming week, friends coming to dinner on Sunday night and a party on Friday. So I'm aiming to stay level, then any loss is a bonus.


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That is exactly the right way to look at it.If you keep your expectations realsitic you avoid the dissapointment, you have to remember that the losses are bound to be small, after all you are only 'dieting' 3-4 days a week!

WEll DONE on your losses so far, remember to add them to the Judddd weight loss thread.

Thanks Barb, I'm really happy with 1-1.5 lbs a week losses, on other non-VLCD diets I wasn't losing anything after the first few days.

The dinner went well, I did eat and drink quite a bit, but I'm only half a pound up on the whole weekend so hopefully not too much damage done.


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Well done, that's brilliant. Once you get in the swing of this juddding and get masssive rapid weight loss out of your head it is just Fab! 1-1.5lbs a week is a healthy reasonable SUSTAINABLE loss and thats what we are all looking for.

Woohoo, just weighed myself and was 10 stone dead. This is my "maximum" for weight fluctuation, really pleased to get here because I thought losses this week would be minimal.


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Well Done! You are a Juddding star!!

Oh well, weight back to last Saturdays level, 10st1lb, no loss for this week. Not surprised though, this was after two UDs (and a party last night) while last week was after a DD. It will be interesting to see if there is much difference tomorrow.
Yep, 9st13.5lb this morning, breathes sigh of relief. Especially as I had to go to an unexpected barbecue yesterday, on a DD, but managed with just meat and salad.

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